This Saturday saw Argentina knock Belgium out of the World Cup (1-0) and Holland's Tim Krul single-handedly end the Costa Rican dream (0-0, 4-3 on penalties).

With the greatest football show on the planet coming full circle on July 13, here are the weekend's highlights...


01 During Argentina's game against Belgium, Gozalo Higuain hit the bar in the second half and coach Alejandro Sabella did this sort of weird half-faint.

The internet reacted almost instantly...


02 Messi also executed a pass so perfect it made us want to do a little cry.


03 Ahead of their game against Costa Rica, Rihanna decided to pull this little rabbit out of the hat and tweet her support for the Dutch.

04 As for the game itself, Holland and Costa Rica went all the way to penalties, with Dutch coach Louis van Gaal making a last-minute goalie substitution.

Tim Krul then proceeded to ruin everyone's fun and end the Costa Rican fairytale by somehow diving the right way every single time.

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DJ Armin van Buuren was beyond chuffed.

05 On Sunday, the Colombian team returned to, err, Colombia to a hero's welcome and James Rodriguez took this selfie.

And a little World Cup defeat was not enough to dampen their spirits.


06 Meanwhile, we're still trying to figure out who this hot Colombian fan is. Anyone? PLEASE?!


We'll bloody miss you, Colombia.

Now to look ahead to Brazil v Germany on Tuesday and Netherlands v Argentina on Wednesday. Game on!