In case you missed it, last night was the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards, that  annual backslappy TV and film drink-up where all of Hollywood turn up to get all boozy and photobomby in sexy tight dresses and shockingly high shoes.

Here are the FHM highlights...

01 Sofia Vergara


Last year Sofia Vergara set the precedent for sexy wardrobe malfunctions when she managed to burst out of her dress (scroll to bottom of page).  She was back again looking snugger than a bug in a rug, in what insiders are calling 'The tightest dress in Hollywood'. Probably.


Here she is making us feel less bad for staring...


02 Rose Byrne off of X-Men changed her hair colour and is still smoking hot


03 Lili Simmons was all red and see-through

The lady that previously caught our eye when she turned up all naked in Banshee (NSFW gif below, maybe scroll down quickly if you're in the office...) further proving why she's a (hot) one to watch...




04 Kaley Cuoco

FHM's ultimate TV girl next door, Kaley Cuoco, was also there and wins the award for being the most awesome former FHM covergirl at the awards ceremony.

05 Will Ferrell


Showing why he's the most awesome dad in showbiz, Mr Ron Burgundy himself turned up dressed like a teacher at a theme park with his three kids in tow. Which we think is kind of awesome.

06 The best photobomb ever

We have no idea who this guy is, but the way he managed to not only accidentally photobomb Neil Patrick Harris but also style it out like a complete pro is hilarious and makes him our FHM Hero of the night.

We salute you anonymous photobomb guy.

07 There was also an utterly bonkers Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones dance thing


08 Kevin Spacey getting pissy and hitting a camera

09 And Anna Chlumsky getting so bored she decided to play Farmville or something... (skip to 1.43)

10 Finally, Breaking Bad won the award for Outstanding Drama Series because it’s so awesome that if it was a food item it’d be sliced bread.





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