How to win at life with the best of FHMManFood

Posted by , 19 February 2014

The best of FHMManFood (so far)

The best of FHMManFood (so far)

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    The Hairy Bikers’ Classic Chicken Tikka Masala

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    A man's guide to amazing lunches

Have you had a go at one of the leg-gnawingly delicious recipes from the FHMManFood collection? Or maybe you've tackled something all of your own?

Whatever you're rustling up in the kitchen, FHM and resident food columnist DJ BBQ want to know about it. And the best one each month wins a tasty crate of brews from British craft beer revolutionaries BrewDog.

Here's how you could win a case of BrewDog Punk IPA in 3 easy steps:
01 Cook up something so delicious and aesthetically pleasing that your quivering hands can barely pick up your phone.
02 Take a picture of your creation and upload it to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #FHMManFood.
03 Wait and see if you are the chosen one.

To get an idea of what we're looking for, here are some previous FHMManFood of the Month winners and a few words from DJ BBQ himself:

Tim Shapcott's blowtorch brisket

DJ BBQ says: "I like this guy! He's slow cooking a hunk of brisket, which is one tough muscle. you have to slow cook it to break down the tissue. He's doing it right, but he wants a BBQ vibe, so he's unleashed the blowtorch for the colouring. Repesct. I need to get me one of those!"


David's Fallon Venison Carpaccio

DJ BBQ says: "All I can see in this photo is a meatgasm! I've never seen so much awesomeness in one photo. No carbs, no dairy, nothing but a beautiully flavoured table of venison. Heck, I want to be garbed in a catsuit of this stuff."


Adam's shredded beef brisket

DJ BBQ says: "This guy is what I'm talkin' about. He's into catertainment. He knows what the USP is when it comes to slow and low cooking. Check out his shredded beef brisket and clasic Texan side dish, pickles. You are a giant among mortal men. Go forth and quaff beer."


Jamie Parker's wild boar burger

DJ BBQ says: "Major props for going the whole hog. A wild boar burger topped with mushrooms, cheese and bacon is a tantalising call - a call I'd like to make and order me some takeaway. The fries and slaw complete all the major food groups. Jamie Parker, you deserve a case of the good stuff."


Dean Myatt's T-bone steaks

DJ BBQ says: "Look at the size of these beasts. They're like something you'd see a caveman cooking up on a fire. The thickness has given me a food coma."

Aaron Bennett's pulled pork

DJ BBQ says: "It's so rad to see the big ol' pork butt pulled and shredded with a pair of tongs and a prong. Wish I was snacking back on these tender vittles."


Ed Forsythe's Huevos Rancheros

DJ BBQ says: "Now this stokes me out. This rad cat cooked up our huevos rancheros after the issue of FHM with the recipe had been out only a couple of weeks. And they look better than mine! Where's my dinner invite, brodawg to the power of tastyatron?"


Scott Flaherty's badass burgers

DJ BBQ says: "Chorizo, jalapenos, cheese and two super beef sliders? You had me at cheese. How juicy does this ultimate ballistic burger look? Well done, you padawan. Wow, 'padawan' is in my spell check. Beyond rad. Pass the beer, please."

Think you can do better? Then get cooking and get tagging. And then maybe you'll get winning and get boozing. Winner winner, chicken dinner.


Can't wait to get your hands on some tasty BrewDog? Check out this month's offering from FHMBeerClub


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