For those of us used to seeing Usain Bolt winning absolutely every race he enters – and doing so with a this-is-easy look on his not-even-sweating face – his recent 100m and 200m losses at the Jamaican Olympics trials, both to training partner Yohan Blake, came as something of a shocker.

Bolt's 200m defeat, in particular, was a real eyebrow-raiser, as he hadn't lost over that distance since 2007. Was the once-invincible Usain losing his Midas touch?  

Bolt was whisked off to Munich to see celebrated, crazy-named sports-doctor Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt, who's just declared that Bolt's loss in form was down to a tightened hamstring, rather than having permanently lost his effortless magic forever and ever and ever. 

"He had a slightly tight hamstring during the trials, and that's why possibly he didn't push as hard as he could have," says Usain's agent Ricky Simms. "He was just protecting that. The main thing at the trials was to get through and get on the team for the Olympic Games."

So what d'you reckon: is Bolt on the wane? Is Blake on the rise? Who'll be crowned king of the track at the Olympics? The countrymen's rivalry is certainly going to make for fist-bitingly exciting 100m and 200m finals...

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