In 1999, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton took their tops off and had a scrap on the floor of a pub basement. They were on a mission to redefine masculinity.

But you know what IS masculine? Grabbing your gauntlets and your battle-axe and going positively HAM ("Hard As a Motherfu-).

That's exactly what's going down in BBC3's new show Knight Club, (think Fight Club for the Game of Thrones generation) hitting screens tonight, 6 January, at 9pm. If we're telling you about this a bit too late, pick it up on iPlayer because it's on the BBC and they're pretty awesome like that.

The basic premise sees four young guys, including a soldier and a computer programming nerd, go to the Battle of the Nations, a full contact medieval fighting tournament in France.

And by full contact we're talking getting down and dirty like it's 1066. And there will be blood (we know this because they told us and they're all throwing axes about in the pictures...) It's probably the best idea for a TV show since you were at school and you dreamed up an idea for a new version of Robot Wars with actual Terminators.

These four gallant Brits are the very first UK team to have ever gone Battle of the Nations and they're taking on 22 other nations to take the medieval crown. Which is so bonkers it's fantastic.

To get your fill of brutal, unrelenting combat, chain mail and sword play, check out the trailer below and get to your tellybox tonight.