Zane Lowe is to music what we are to cool stuff – the motherfucking judge, jury and executioner. If he says that Giovanna is the next big thing, Giovanna is the next big thing. If we say that these five things are cool, well, we hope that you like at least one of them a little bit. We’d be really sad if you didn’t. Come on, have a look at that jumper – how can you NOT like that? No? Not even those colourful trainers? Sure, no, that's fine. you're entitled to your opinion. That T-shirt with the mug on it, though, surely? Right, you're dead to us.

Winter’s here but don’t be sad

Franklin & Marshall jumper
Franklin & Marshall, £79

Winter can be a depressing time of year. It’s cold, you have to use things like hand cream to stop your fingers looking like sausages the dog’s had a run at, and it gets dark so early you’ve forgotten what Vitamin D looks like. But don’t despair. It’s also the season of days off because it’s snowing, delicious slow-cooked casseroles, and lovely warm jumpers. Like this beaut from Franklin & Marshall, for instance.

What does Vitamin D look like?

Rainbow trainers

Arthur Ashe trainers
Le Coq Sportif, £75. Available at Crooked Tongues, Ran Shop and Hanon

This limited edition Arthur Ashe rainbow range has been produced to commemorate the former Wimbledon champ (and to flog trainers, obviously) and is guaranteed to brighten your day like a large dose of footwear ecstasy. Choose your favourite colour, or grab the whole range and dip your feet in like a greedy child's fingers fumbling for Skittles.

Yes, this jacket IS incredibly versatile, but we simply refuse to make some knuckle-dragging pun about Birds Eye; we're better than that

Henleys, £65

Quilted jackets are bang on trend at the moment and, unlike the 'sunglasses indoors' or the 'Becks-style sarongs', it's one we're right behind. Their versatility means they work well over trousers and a shirt or jeans and a T-shirt. Plus, unlike the aforementioned trends of doom, they don't cause you to walk into doors or inadvertently flash your 'Spidey Sense' briefs to the whole of the 52 bus, which is a bonus.

If it's good enough for Tinie

Distributed London
Disturbing London, £25

We have some pretty excellent cups of tea in this office; we sometimes wonder how we'd get through the morning without a steaming mug of liquid goodness. But we've NEVER brewed one as badass as this beauty from Disturbing London, a brand favoured by miniscule rapper Tinie Tempah, dontchaknow. It's available in loads of other colours, too. If 'loads' means three others, two of which are black and white, WHICH IT DOES.

Keep your hands warm with moose

Topman, £12

Ten years ago, we'd have turned our nose up at these as "something our nan would knit". But now we love things our nan knits. We've given her a list as long as Peter Crouch's arm to knock up this side of Christmas. The poor dear can't keep up, so we'll cut her some slack by grabbing these toasty mittens from Topman. If that giraffe onesie's not done by the weekend there'll be trouble though, Nan.