Kicking off Festival Season in style this year was The Great Escape in Brighton. With over 300 acts across 30 different venues, we had to get in on the action and frog-marched our resident production bloke (and music expert) Alan down there to see what it was all about.

What was the best part of The Great Escape Festival? Well, it was all good, obviously. Friendly Fires headlining was all kinds of sun-kissed brilliant, while Yuck’s scuzzy snarls kept the audience captivated.

Alan also spent a bit of time in a pub trying to figure out some of life's biggest mysteries. All-in-all, he said he had a very good time, and it was, literally, a great escape. Which is nice to hear.

But even though the festival is behind us, we have procured a rather brilliant video of the Guillemots playing in the back of a transit van. Mixing it up. Playing it down. Having it small-scale.

So even the sun is not out and you're at work filling in a spreadsheet and hoping that when you get home there's a good episode of Friends on, don't despair. This video will cheer you up loads. If it doesn't, get a chilled beverage with your work-hombres and have a cry.

You can find more video performances from The Great Escape here