The Hangover is all about the Wolfpack, right? WRONG. You know what’s better than those hapless chug-monkeys? Leslie Chow, AKA Ken Jeong, the former doctor turned comedian who's snatched away the glory of the Hangover franchise for himself. Here's seven ways he did it in the first two films…

Make an entrance

Anyone as fruity as Chow needs to make an impression. How about leaping nude from the boot of a car, beating everyone nearby with a crowbar and screaming, “You gonna fuck on me?” That’s an entrance.

Gesticulate wisely

By employing the classic “fake wanking and hurling the jizz” move, punctuated by the phrase, “So long, gayboys”, Chow shows he's not a man to be trifled with.

Carry a purse

A leather purse full of ill-gotten gains comes hand in hand with being an international criminal with extensive stand-off experience.

Quote Diff’rent Strokes

While conducting a classic “switcheroo”, exchanging a hostage for a bag of cash, drop a little “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” It’s a classic ice-breaker in tense situations.

Swear Real Good

Don’t just swear. Swear properly, dammit. After arranging a money drop in the Mojave, sign off with, “Toodle-oo, motherfuckers,” while throat warbling like a lunatic.

Come Back From The Dead

“You never do blow before? Sometimes your heart stops, start up again. Read a book!” Chow is like Lazarus after a cocaine binge.

Get Some Monkey Love

It looked – and tasted – like a mushroom, but in The Hangover Part II, it turned out to be Chow’s wang. “Tell that gay monkey to leave my shit alone!” yells Chow on waking up in Bangkok (“Holla! City of squalla!”).

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