Start going batshit because Apple will apparently be announcing the release of the iPhone 6 in two weeks time.

According to reports and tech-conspiracy theorists, it's like to happen on the 9th September. We know this because someone posted a drawing of a phone displaying 'Tuesday, September 9' on the screen on a French website called NowhereElse.

Although other than we still know pretty much nothing about the new device, owing to the fact that there are top-secret military bases less closely guarded than the secrets of the Apple factory but here's what we have managed to gleam...


Rumour 1:

It'll be thinner than a hamster's eyelash.

As is tradition with virtually all technology giants, the next offering from Apple will apparently be bigger and thinner than ever before.

Korean news outlet ETNews were one of the first to spark rumours of a 6mm iPhone and GForGames corroborated the claims after they found these "leaked images" of the iPhone 6 on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, Weibo.

The snaps allegedly came from a leak at Foxconn, Apple's supplier and production plant.

It's hard to tell but the photos show a slightly protruding camera which is new for Apple but makes sense if you're endeavouring to make the thinnest phone know to man.

To make things slightly clearer, the French blog NWE had these pictures made, based on the leaks.

Sure, they forgot the protruding camera but, to be honest, we're not about to split hairs.

Truth rating: 9/10

Whether or not the protruding camera makes the final cut or not remains to be seen. You only need to look at the recent iPad editions and the Macbook Air to know that Apple are good at giving their devices the slimfast treatment. Let's just hope it's tougher than other, shitty uber-thin phone releases. Motorola Razor, anybody?

Rumour 2:

It'll have a bigger display.

The 5S and 5C have 4.0-inch screens, which was already better than previous efforts. According to Business Insider, Apple Inc suppliers will begin mass producing iPhone 6 displays in May, with a 4.7-inch screen coming first, followed by a delayed 5.5-inch screen.

How do they know this? It's probably got something to do with this leaked photo from Japanese publication Mac Otakara, a blog with a history of being right on the money.

Truth rating: 10/10

There's an emerging trend at the moment for massive "phablets" (A cross between a phone and a tablet. Think Samsung Galaxy Notes) with mobile technology coming full circle from the miniscule devices of the noughties. On top of this the market is already awash with smartphones that have larger screens than an iPhone, particularly from Android competitors, so it'd be a nice way for Apple to get the edge over Google.

Considering how much effort Apple have put into boosting screen clarity in recent years, it also makes sense they'd want to show it off with a whopping big screen. 

 Rumour 3:

The touch tech will be different.

Rumours suggest that the new iPhone will feature in-cell touch panel technology, which means that the touch component is incorportated INTO the screen, rather than overlaid on top of it. This, apparently, allows for the construction of the iPhone to be thinner.

As is generally the case with new, advanced tech,  this also means it'll probably be more difficult to fix if you break it. Which means that you won't be able to get your smashed screen fixed for £40 at a dodgy market stall anymore, or at least not for a while anyway. That'll put a few more quid in Apple's pocket

Truth rating: 9/10

The technology is definitely out there to do it and, if Apple are intent on creating an ultra-thin superphone, they need to shed some excess weight somewhere. Added to the fact that it could potentially throw more money into the Apple bank with fixes etc, it seems like a good bet. Ultimately, it's probably going to come down to how cost effective the whole process is in the factory.

Rumour 4:

It'll be out this year.

September 2014 is the date that's been floating around for a while but, with mass production now starting in May, tech geniuses reckon it could be even sooner. Then again, in recent years, Apple have been notorious for putting back release dates, so we wouldn't be surprised if it's early 2015 or a last-minute Christmas release.

Truth rating: Jury's out.

Meme via CreativeBits.