With 2014 now well and truly under way, we're set to see some pretty impressive bits of kit over the next 12 months. The Coolector's Leo Davie takes us through a few bits we can expect to see this year...

01 Simpsons Lego 

The simple fact is this: You're never too old for Lego. And if you're a fan of The Simpsons, you'll definitely appreciate this Lego Simpsons Set. Especially when you finally realise that Ned Flanders is, in fact, Walter White.

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02 Socialmatic Polaroid Camera 

Socialmatic Polaroid Camera

While this Socialmatic Polaroid Camera might have been influenced a little too literally by Instagram, it's definitely leaps and bounds above any other polaroid camera on the market.

Bridging the gap between the digital and analogue world, the device lets you take arty-farty snaps, apply a filter, print it out AND whack it straight up into the ether on sites like Instagram and Facebook.

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03 Bar Mitts

Bar Mitts

If the Polar Vortex spreads across the Atlantic, us Brits are going to need to be prepared. Well, we've got you covered – let us introduce you to the mind-bogglingly advanced Bar Mitts. Yep, bike handles with built-in gloves.

Questionable health and safety risks aside, they look pretty sweet.

Available: Bar Mitts

04 Mophie Space Pack

Mophie Space Pack

Are you an inherently clumsy fellow, prone to dropping your phone with alarming regularity? Then you'll be in need of The Mophie Space Pack: a super-durable tank of a phone case that has the additional benefit of providing an extra 16GB or 32GB of storage for your iPhone.

Available: Mophie

05 Sonomad Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sonomad Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If the desire to go and serenade a narwhal or great white is proving difficult to facilitate, then fear not! All your problems may soon be solved by the brilliant-looking Sonomad Portable Bluetooth Speaker, which, as you can see, is beach-friendly.

Available: Indiegogo


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