So, we all like Mad Men, right? Fast-talking real men whose hard-drinking and skirt-chasing makes our Friday nights on the sofa, controller in hand seem a little bit lame? So what if we’re not able to drink our way through New York’s bars and still satisfy a nice lady at the end of it all? Sometimes we just want a night off, yeah? Thanks Don Draper.

So cheers to NBC for dreaming up their new show. It’s already being hailed as a major competitor to Mad Men and it’s merry gang of lovely ladies such as Christina Hendricks and January Jones. But this new show comes with an awesome twist: bunnies. And before you think we’re really weird, allow us to be more specific. By bunnies we mean Playboy Bunnies.


The Playboy Club follows the story of the first Playboy club in 1963 in Chicago. It was a million miles away from the Playboy image you imagine today. That perky bunny logo tattooed on the lower backs of some of Britain’s slightly more, ahem, colourful ladies? Yeah, forget that. The original club was a place where upmarket celebrities mixed with mafia bosses and millionaires, and the Bunnies were notoriously the most beautiful girls Hugh Hefner had in his little black book.

The show’s main Bunny is played by the rather lovely FHM favourite Amber Heard. It follows her relationship with the fast-talking, hard-drinking, skirt-chasing Nick Dalton, as they navigate the hidden secrets and seedy underworld that operates behind the doors of the exclusive Playboy Club. And my, she does look lovely in those bunny ears. In fact, we wish we had a pair. That would give us the edge over Don Draper. Even he couldn’t argue with The Hef right?

The Playboy Club is set to air this autumn…