If, like us, you’re an avid fan of fantasy football, you’ll be familiar with the feeling of watching a game you’d never normally give a second thought to and leaping out of your seat every time Scott Dann ventures over the halfway line or cursing your stubborn “there’s no way he'll keep this up” stance as Clint Dempsey bags yet another hat-trick.

Picking your team every week almost constitutes a full-time job. But now, as if those bastards at premierleague.com hadn’t already devoured enough of our time, they’ve launched a poll to decide the ultimate fantasy team of the last 20 seasons.

Be warned: this will consume most of your day, if not week, and you will become embroiled in friendship-endingly intense debate with your mates and colleagues. Also, if you pick John Arne Riise at left back, we’ll never be able to talk to you again.

Here's the FHM team:

FHM fantasy football 

Picking the forwards was nigh on impossible. We'd gladly take any two from Bergkamp, Cantona, Henry, Shearer and Zola.

Say what you want about the Premier League, with its financial elitism and tradition-ruining TV schedules, but there's no denying it's been one hell of a 20 years.

Here's to 20 more.

Pick your team here, email it to us at access@fhm.com with a short justification of your choices and we'll compile our favourites and maybe give you some stuff. Some GREAT stuff. Maybe.