Everything that’s wrong with LA Noire

Posted by , 29 June 2011

The whole ending sequence

The whole ending sequence

Quite aside from the fact that they swap out Cole Phelps for an insurance fraud investigator for the last segment of the game, the ending is ridiculous. The point of the game (and the point of the whole genre of Noir cinema), that men in the 1940’s were stuck in the mindset for war and had difficulties adjusting to a rapidly changing modern, peaceful world, is completely overshadowed by flamethrowers.

Yup! You want intrigue? You want social commentary? Best listen carefully during the cutscenes, because most of the last level is spent crawling through a sewer and killing around 20 actual living people in the name of justice.

And the flamethrower – this is our favourite thing to hate about LA Noire, really. It’s foreshadowed as a terrifying weapon of war, and our hero straps it on in the penultimate scene and steels himself for a massive combat. Then he wades through some water, torches one guy at long range, and the game ends. All done. Go home.

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