Everything that’s wrong with LA Noire

Posted by , 29 June 2011

They try to control you, and fail

They try to control you, and fail

"Scrub around an alley looking at beer bottles and newspapers? Why, I'd love to!"

Because Phelps is by and large a good guy, he can’t shoot civilians – hell, he can’t even get his gun out when there isn’t a baddy in the immediate vicinity. In an attempt to force the player to take 'good' actions (and fair play to them, it fits the story) Bondi severely curtailed player options so Phelps’ constant promotions would make sense.

We decided we didn’t want that. We drove everywhere on the sidewalk, sending people flying. We stole cars when we were supposed to be investigating crimes. We turned up to murder scenes in a hijacked firetruck that we forced our partner to drive. We waggled the heads of corpses so it looked like they were talking. If it was possible to pee on stuff, we would have done.

We still got promoted, of course. 

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