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Posted by , 31 January 2011

Thomas Belesis

Thomas Belesis

  • CEO of John Thomas Financial

"I started out exactly where our young recruits come in: an entry-level position. I worked my way up through Wall Street for 13 years, started my own company in 2007 with four employees – we now have over 250."

“I normally work 7.30am – 9pm, 6 days a week.”

“People like to do business with people they feel comfortable with. People they feel have their best interests at heart. If they don’t get that feeling, they don’t do business with you.”

“The Wall Street movie is very true to life. The story that Olver [Stone] produced was very accurate.”

"The world has changed. In the past there were 6,000 people on the floor of the New York stock exhange, now there’s 250. Technology has taken over."

"But you’re always going to need a person on the phone. An institution that’s trading billions of dollars is going to want someone to speak to."

"You either adapt or you become extinct."

"Learning people was the biggest challenge."

"There’ll never be a stage in my life when I’ll say “I’ve done enough”."

Next: let Thomas teach you how to become a Wall Street trader...

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