Serena Williams and Rileah Vanderbilt both feature in a sexed-up video for 2K Sports’ new tennis release, Top Spin 4. According to 2K, the video was never meant to be released as part of the final marketing campaign for the game, but it’s been all over the internet for the last few days. We weren’t that interested in virtual tennis before this film snuck out, but it’s certainly got our attention.

Dunno about that

We can see why they didn’t want it released, although to be fair, the game does contain large amounts of hot, sweaty girls exerting themselves and grunting heavily, admittedly whilst playing tennis. This seems like a natural development. We’ve often wondered if the players make those noises in bed –practiced yelper Maria Sharpova would have the whole street complaining. You’d need earplugs. Still, it’d be worth it, probably.

Serena swings her booty around the screen, ably assisted by Rileah Vanderbilt who we didn’t know about either. It turns out she’s one of Team Unicorn, a group of young women who play video games and just so happen to be gorgeous. You should check them out in Geek and Gamer Girls, a parody of Katy Perry's California Girls.

Now you're clutching at straws. "World's sexiest tennis gamer" is not an actual thing

It was Vanderbilt who released the video, we’re told, so we have her to thank for this piece of leather-clad tennis fetishism. 

It’s sort of sexy. It’s a bit weird, too. There’s some unashamed lechery going on as the camera stares at Serena’s breasts, which wouldn’t matter a damn if this was a glamour photoshoot but instead seems a bit pervy and unconnected to the fact that this is supposed to be advertising a game about playing tennis. After watching it, we washed our hands over and over but couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow we’d become unclean.