Don't have time to wade through the internet for the funniest, sexiest and coolest things happening this week? No problem. Here's another Monday round-up...

01 The heart-stopping hotness of Katrina Elizabeth.

02 A round-up of the Oscars in two minutes.

03 Henrik Purienne: the photographer you should follow this week.

04 5 sexy women who won the Oscars without actually winning an Oscar.

05 One of the greatest GIFs we've ever seen.


06 The 4 best cartoons around right now.

Adventure Time

07 Inception has its own board game and, if it's anything like the film, it'll drain you worse than Monopoly.


08 Have you taken our Big Sex Survey 2014?

Staci for FHM

09 The amazing, teleporting Reese Witherspoon.

10 London Super Comic Con is right around the corner.

The largest and most exciting comic convention in the UK is happening from 15-16 March. Get more info and tickets here.

11 Meet Sarah Grace: the very first star of FHM Girlfriend Selfies.

12 NASA's awesome tribute to Gravity's Oscar win. 

NASA have released an amazing set of photos to show just how much of a good job Cuaron and his team did. See them here.

13 100 Sexiest voting is still open. Who will win Sexiest Woman In The UK this year?


14 The Halo truck you can actually buy and 4 other excellent gadgets from last week's round-up.

15 No caption required.


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