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Posted by , 19 January 2011

Vicky McClure's Top 5 places to drink tea

Vicky McClure's Top 5 places to drink tea

01 Working
“I get through at least six cups a day when I’m filming. I’m very particular about the mug I drink it out of – I like a nice china mug with a thin rim.”

02 Gossiping

“I always feel better after letting off steam over a brew with the girls. We don’t always need loads of booze, just a good strong cuppa.”

03 Getting up
“I can’t move in the morning without a cup of tea; it’s a big thing for me. My big fat hairy manager, Libby, brings me my cup of tea with a little lid on it so it stays warm while I’m coming round. Then I use the lid as a coaster or an ashtray. An ashtray, mainly.”

04 Having a fag
“Tea and fags go together perfectly.”

05 Thinking about my car
“I’ve got a brand new white Mini, which I’m quite obsessed with. Then I found this mug that had an England flag going round it with a white Mini on. I love it.”

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