It’s amazing how many careless film-makers are wandering around, losing their handy-cams nowadays.

First up, in The Blair Witch Project, we had those geezers over in the States looking for an old hag in the woods and finding only [SPOILER ALERT] some twigs and, oh yeah, death.

Then in Cloverfield, someone uncovered that suspiciously-well edited video where some kids were dicking about in New York and found only [SPOILER ALERT] some monster or other and, you got it, death.

Well, it now turns out that someone’s come across some never-before-seen footage of a team of scientists who went off to the Congo on a dino hunt, but all they found was [SPOILER ALERT] dinosaurs.

Welcome to new “found footage” movie The Dinosaur Project.

As if watching a group of hapless velociraptor fodder exploring the Congolese jungle wasn’t enough reason to pop down to your local multiplex this weekend, the film’s producers have gone and given us another very good one, in the comely shape of Natasha Loring.

The sexy star of E4 show Beaver Falls plays a doctor with some very impressive qualifications. Also she’s mega fit. Sold.

The Dinosaur Project hits UK cinemas August 10 and is available on DVD on August 27