So, there's a new X-Men movie coming out this summer called X-Men: First Class, and, continuing in the tradition of films for some time, it has a trailer. A trailer that you'll find right above these words, if you for some reason hadn't noticed it already.

"Ah hello, you're veh niiiice"

The film is a prequel to the other three X-Men films (we're not counting that Wolverine one, partially because it's nonsense), telling the story of the 1960s days when Professor X and Magneto went by the names of Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassbender) and were friends, rather than mortal enemies.

Oh hi, Jennifer Lawrence. You've got blue on you.
Oh hi, Jennifer Lawrence. You've got blue on you.

The film also stars Jennifer Lawrence as shape-shifting blue lady Mystique, Nicholas Hoult (that one from Skins) as hairy blue thing Beast, Kevin Bacon as a baddy called Sebastian Shaw, plus January Jones as Sparkle Boobs. Wait, we've just checked the press notes and she is in fact Emma Frost. Apols.

Nicholas Hoult as Beast
Someone will definitely use this in a 'fan-made' Thundercats trailer before the year is out

X-Men: First Class is directed by Matthew Vaughn, the man who called the orders on Kick-Ass, and will be released in the UK on May 30, 2011. You may then proceed to your local film house to watch it. Unless it is sold out, in which case you might have to go and see something else. The Hangover 2 is out at the same time so that's possibly a good option. Or perhaps you will be so OUTRAGED by the fact that you cannot see the X-Men film that you have so been looking forward to that, in a fit of directionless fury, you beat a tramp to death with a traffic cone. Don't do that. That's not kind. Call us old fashioned, but we think it's wrong to kill tramps with traffic cones.

*throws hands up*

*but not in a vomiting way*