Panasonic have released some new cameras. We helped test them by strapping ourselves onto ropes then flinging ourselves out of trees. Check out the video above for more “details”.

If you’re interested which one of the people in the video above is “us,” by the way, it’s that gawky one with the glasses and ridiculous red hair – Grant, one of our freelancers. As the least busy person on any given day, we figured it’d be best for him to go and engage in life-threatening situations while we concentrated on the normal day-to-day business or writing the magazine, looking at pretty girls, and drinking our bodyweight in tea.

Panasonic Go Ape
Here he is flying into a net, desperately trying not to soil himself

We don’t know why he dyes his hair like that. Maybe it’s to match the colour of our logo, out of brand loyalty. That must be it.

We were ferried out to Farnham last Thursday (amidst storms of torrential rain, thanks England!) to test Panasonic’s new HX-WA10 camcorder at the Go Ape adventure park. A Go Ape park consists of various tall trees, plenty of ziplines, rope bridges, and nets, and a series of wires we were assured were safe enough to stop us falling to an untimely death. We were expected to navigate our way around this whilst filming ourselves doing so.

Panasonic Go Ape
Here is someone much better-looking than Grant using the camera 

Was it fun? Yes. Was it scary? Also yes. You’ll note the video doesn’t feature us speaking at all because we spent the entire time swearing (either under our breath in fear or out loud, terrified, as we cannonballed down another zipline) and calling one of the other attendees “fat Jesus” and mocking him as he crawled around the course. You’ll be able to tell which one he was. 

You’ll also note that we’re missing from the to-camera bits because we are incapable of delivering strong product endorsements due to lack of technical knowledge. What follows is a transcript of what we said, when asked what we liked about the camera:

“Well, it’s orange, which is a great start, because that makes it look a bit like it’s from the future or something. And it takes videos – well, I assume it takes videos. I haven’t checked yet. It could be lying to me. Oh, and because it’s been attached to my waist harness, it’s been hitting me in the genitals a lot, but it’s light enough that I don’t really mind. So that’s a plus.”

Panasonic Go Ape
Are you the sort of person that gets water thrown on them a lot? This is the camera for you

Luckily, as you can see, it did actually take videos. It was really fun to use, as well – and while we’re not down with technical specifics, it was easy to operate, quick to start up and had a fairly rugged (and entirely waterproof!) construction - just the sort of thing you'd want to film on if you were running from the police, shooting your way out of a building, or swimming away from sharks. Top marks all round.

For more info including things with numbers and technical specs attached, take a look at Panasonic's website