Rizzle Kicks new video sees them imagining life if they weren’t up-and-coming pop pioneers. So let’s go through the pros and cons shall we?

Pro: walk into a bar dressed as an astronaut and chances are you’ll leave with a phone number. Dangerous space missions are good.
Con: Space aliens and Bond Villians have it in for space, so might be a low life expectancy.

Pro: Tackling man’s greatest friend/foe on a day to day basis, rescuing cats from trees… this job will make you feel like a man.
Con: excess smoke exposure will leave you sounding like Dierdre Barlow.

Pro: gun-toting, law-abiding, a lady in every town. And a horse.
Con: Well, if you’ve seen Cowboys and Aliens, you’ll know cowboys are actually kind of useless.

Our advice is stick to the music. Oh, and see if you can spot Ed Sheeran in the video…