Everybody loves a LOL. Sometimes we're even treated to a megalol or two. But it's not quite as easy as typing 'Funny Stuff' in to Google and hoping for the best. No, most of the time if something is labelled as funny in the title, it's done well for itself if it makes you exhale let alone chortle. Yeah, chortle. Don't you use that word every day too?

Anyway, what we've gone and done is find a couple of sites that might just make you exhale at the very least. That's some statement of intent. We've found a nice little selection of blogs for you, covering all of the funny stuff in British Comedy; one man's rantings and another man's ravings. That's not sexist that it's two men, we're bleddy FHM.

"Ha. Ha-ha. Wonder who got the power pack. Ha. Ha-ha. Ha...News."

The Humor Blog

They say: "TheHumorBlog celebrates British comedy by posting articles of funny quotes and clips from classic TV series, stand-up comedians and show characters. Other content includes hilarious caption pictures, funny videos and classic jokes."

The Wheel is Turning but the Hamster is Dead

He says: "From why I don't enjoy spooning with my cat to why 2010 years later they still go on about Jesus. You never really know what the next post is going to be about. It's part of the "I read various crap at lunchtime" adventure that is this site."

Army of Dave

He says: “Featuring beginners’ guides to time travel, the world’s hottest cartoon characters and everything in between, Army of Dave documents one man’s struggle to stop himself from standing on street corners shouting at the traffic. It was once recommended by the Daily Telegraph if you’re ‘partial to binge drinking’"

So there you have it. If you've got a Website We Quite Like suggestion, let us know. And if you think you can do better than the above, start writing - lolling makes the world go round. As does money, and the sun's gravitational pull amongst other things.