It's almost that time again, and it might well have snuck up on you. Football Manager is the kind of game that you get so ridiculously engrossed in that you don't find yourself craving a new version all that often until it's released; you're more worried about the local derby you've got in two weeks, the 2nd round FA Cup tie that could land you a lucrative draw (for all those Lower Leaguers) or the imminent arrival of a brilliant-looking striker from The Gambia who you signed in a fit of ecstasy only to realise they wouldn't be joining your side until the next transfer window.

But while all that keeps you preoccupied, November has come around and the new Football Manager 2011 hits the shelves this Friday. Excited? Of course you are. Well you are if you aren't the most successful manager on FM10, then you just want to keep playing that. But for the rest of you mere mortals who haven't been knighted and had a statue erected outside the club's new ground (one day Yeovil will play at the Chris Medland Arena, surely...) we've found a few new websites to help you reach immortality:

I'm not a wheeler-dealer. I've bought good players...


Really professional looking site full of tactics and patches, along with a discussion forum to find out about players or let everyone know about gems you've discovered. Great for downloads to enhance your game.


An experience-sharing site, the site offers new information every one to two days on tips, hints, news and downloads. Good for feature-writers blogging about their own games, and moved from blogspot to make it easier to use.


Good blog site that lists wonderkids along with offering players downloads and tips and tricks. Relatively new site but some good competitions available, and for those who can't tear themselves away, still lists the best FM10 players.

FM Pundit:

Blog site that encourages discussion and interaction to bring you player experiences and stories, both for entertainment and to help players with their own game decision making.


Member forums to discuss every aspect of the game. Tactics, training, players, guides and walkthrough threads are all availableto help you improve, and then post your story in the Career Corner.

Don't think that the help stops there though, we've also got another bunch of Football Manager-related Websites We Quite Like for you to peruse. So when you're accepting the praises of Sir Geoff Hurst for your latest World Cup triumph, don't forget to add in your thanks to FHM, yeah?

Got a website you quite like? Reckon we might quite like it too? Let us know then, and we'll run our rule over it.