The gaming industry is a little bit MASSIVE. Yeah, it's a huge, multi-billion pound industry that gives us the power to do things like make a mug of John Terry, buy a Ferrari, behead aliens and wreak havoc on the streets of various cities without getting in to any trouble. Except perhaps with your other half who thinks (rightly) that you love your console more than them.

But with such a big amount of games and consoles, trawling through the rubbish can be a bit of a mare. An expensive mare too. So we've gone and dug out a blog or two that might tell you what to get, what not to get, what's coming and what's going.

Look at all of those kills... totally legit.

Video Games 24/7

They say: "VG247 is the world leader in games news. We have a global team and 24-hour coverage: if it's happening and it's got anything to do with videogames, we have the full story."

UK Resistance

They say: "Gaming news for men who are so bored of games they'd rather do anything else than struggle through this financial quarter's tedious war game trying to work out what the buttons are and if you're supposed to shoot the men with the red flags or the blue flags." And it looks cool.