The law. It can be a bit of a bugger, eh? In life and in sport, sometimes you wish it would do you a favour and let you write your own little bylaw's. Some cocky little gobshite with bright orange boots that match his spray tan is giving you a load of chat because you've run rings around him all day, but can you shut him up once and for all? Course not. You're a law-abiding citizen.

Well done for taking the high ground and all that, but sometimes you wish it was legal to swing a right, like it is in Mixed Martial Arts or Boxing. Then you realise that you don't really want to get hit back, and that all that fighting is a bit above you. In fact, it's probably a lot above you. It's brutal. And bloody brilliant. It's just a lot better to let the pro's do it. So sit back, relax and feast your mouse on these links to a bunch of MMA and Boxing Website We Quite Likethat will keep you in touch with all the legal violence.

Cage Potato

Full of news and views on the latest in all aspects of MMA and a variety of championships. You'll also find plenty of videos, along with pictures of ring-girls and for those in-the-know there's even a fight picker section. (Like Fantasy Football, only with MMA).

MMA Core

A site full of content generated by users, showing you exactly what other fans of MMA are interested in. News, videos, gifs, and user-submitted photos are all available here, plus betting odds and fighter tweets.

Boxing Core 

The clue's in the name. Same again as MMA Core but this time it's for boxing, bringing all the boxing news around the web to you.

Boxing Futures

They say: 'With big name interviews and exclusive behind the scenes footage, Boxing Futures will get you so close to boxing you'll need a gum shield. Whether it's the greatest ever knockouts, the most intimidating ring entrances, the nuttiest press conferences, or simply the worst tattoos in boxing, we celebrate the love of boxing from a fan’s view.'