Music can be, like football, a matter of opinion. Sometimes you hear a tune, think nothing of it, and before you know it you've got a new favourite band. Other times, your preferred artist brings out a new album that makes you do a little sick in your mouth at the 'direction' they've gone in. We mean, the first time FHM heard the first Beady Eye track we couldn't stop laughing at it, and now we're counting down the days until the album comes out. Sort of.

So - in a world where Justin (insert relevant expletive here) Bieber won a Brit award that tells anything from elsewhere in the universe that he is the best new artist on our fair planet - we've gone and dug out some really-rather-awesome music blogs for you to check out in search of guidance, insight and confirmation that Tinie Tempah's "She posed for FHM" line is in fact the best piece of songwriting in music history.

Tinie Tempah performing at the BRIT Awards
Lyrical genius

New Music Blog

They say: "NMB has been sporadically bringing you the best new tunes out there since 2008. From Scandinavian folk to good old English dubstep, anything goes as long as it's good."

Music Liberation

They say: "The aim of Music Liberation is to discover brand new music from across the globe. We engage with all types of genres, with an emphasis placed upon unsigned artists, as well as occasional nods to the mainstream. We review Singles, EP's, Albums, Live Gigs, and conduct Interviews with some of the most exciting new artists around."

Pigeons and Planes

They say: "Pigeons and Planes strives to highlight the best new music, whether it's indie rock, mainstream hip-hop, or anything in between. We're passionate about music and we try to share that with readers, making P&P a place to discover new artists, interact with other music enthusiasts, watch videos, and download music."

A New Band A Day

They say: "We spend far too much of the time that, statistically, we ought to spend browsing for adult material, trying to find brand new bands that you don’t find anywhere else - and then spew superlatives over them. Sometimes featuring the new bands that go on to greatness, but you’re just as likely to find some brilliant, genuinely new, bedroom-recorded pop from a remote Norwegian village. Oh, and there's a photo of Leslie Nielsen posted every week. Shirley that's a deal-sealer?"


They say: "A celebration of all things weird & musically delicious and ladies, mixtape rides are free!"

So there you have it, five glorious portals of musical coverage that will literally blow your speakers with the wonder of what they find for you. We may be being a bit loose with the term 'literally' there, but what we do know as fact is that you should not buy a Bieber track. Ever. Peace.