Looking good and dressing well is something we pride ourselves on at FHM. It may not always show – we’ve often embraced the most curious of trends just to tell our readers to steer well clear. And through many examples of trial and error, we’ve learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t. Like the trilby hat.

Some of this is pure intuition – no man should be seen wearing a sailor hat, while socks ‘n’ sandals are obviously a no-go. But knowing about what doesn’t look good doesn’t equate to knowing a lot about looking good. You follow?

So we have rounded up the savviest, most stylish folk on the interweb (excluding our good selves, obviously), whose expert advice will steer you clear of any style-based mishaps.

Remember, in an unofficial, made-up-on-the-spot survey, 99.9% of women said it was important that men dressed well. You can’t argue with that*.

*okay, we made it up.

The Style King
Helmed by former FHM style guru Gary Kingsnorth and former Harrods Menswear buyer Nick O’Donnell, The Style King’s goal is to provide men with a destination for all their modern-day needs.

As well as a Style Surgery on Tuesdays, the online magazine searches the largest and most influential websites to bring the best content in one place. TSK’s grooming, travel and film sections are also worth a look.

In a hurry? Their Editor’s Choice gives you a brief outline of the best products featured on the website.

The Urban Gent
Founded in 2008, The Urban Gent seeks to inform and enthuse all things style, fashion and grooming. Over the years it has mixed luxury, street, vintage and preppy styles, ensuring it speaks for everyone rather than catering for a specific niche.

These Gents want to help men transition from slouchy, shapeless clothes into trend-conscious but comfortable clothing that will make a statement without being an eyesore. Follow their advice – their Style Essentials is a good place to start.

While they share thought on everything from music to current affairs, we particularly like the style section within online lifestyle mag Blokely. Wondering which shape of sunglasses suit your face? Or maybe how to dress for an important interview?

The guys at Blokely can answer that and more, as well as regular news and feature pieces. The columns from newest writer Dave Berry – while not strictly style-based – are good for a chuckle.

Oi Polloi
Less of a blog, more of an ASOS style shopping destination, Oi Polloi is based in Manchester and is known for its diverse range of brands stocked online.

Look past the Ralph Lauren, Fred Perry and Levis and take a look at Red Wing (great for footwear), Mikkel Rude shirts and, our favourites, Sperry original boat shoes. These classic pieces of footwear were the blueprint for the high-street boat shoe you see all over the high street today. A style mecca for anyone interested in unqiue labels.