If you hadn't noticed (and you really should have) today is Armistice Day. Sometimes you might feel like you do your bit with the 11am two-minute silence, but with our brave troops still risking their lives all around the world at this very moment, you may feel like you could do a little bit more. Cue hair raising rendition of the national anthem, Jerusalem or Land of Hope and Glory.

Without the work done in the past we might not be here to bring you your daily fill of girls, gags, games and other great things. And today our forces are striving to make sure we all can continue to enjoy our freedom without the fear of terrorism. But what are you doing for them?

Now, we're not all David Beckham, so flying out to visit the troops might not actually have the same impact. But there are a lot of other ways for you to help those who need it, because our soldiers past and present make a massive sacrifice, and here at FHM we sure as hell couldn't do it. What we can do though is bring you a bunch of sites where you can make a difference:

Help for Heroes

Supporting members of the Armed Forces wounded while serving for their country, raising funds to buy services that will help aid their recovery. Get involved by donating or purchasing items from the shop.

The Royal British Legion

The custodians of rememberance, the Royal British Legion also provide welfare support for those who are serving or have served in the Armed Forces. The Poppy Appeal is the best known way of supporting them.

There's also a charity boxing event at Stamford Bridge tonight between the Army Boxing Team and the Amateur Boxing Association. View the event and buy tickets here.

You can also donate to the March for Honour, where four teams of servicemen past and present have been marching an average of around 30 miles per day for the last week - one mile for each British military life lost in Iraq and Afghanistan - converging in London today.


A programme set up to help support British veterans suffering from service-related psychological difficulties having devoted their lives to the forces. You can donate on their webpage or even create your own fundraising event.

Tickets for Troops

A charity dedicated to providing free tickets to major sporting events for our serving soldiers, sailors and airmen or those that have been medically discharged through injury since 2001. You can donate online, or even donate tickets directly via the website too.

Soldier, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA)

Offering services to those serving or who have previously served in the forces for at least one paid day, as well as reservists, and their families. Donate online, or if you can only afford your time check out the fundraising and volunteering sections.

Obviously these aren't the only great causes out there, but just a few sites that you can get involved on. Made a donation or doing something for charity? Let me know on Twitter @cmedland

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