“It looks very pretty, but personally I’m not going to queue up for one. I don’t really understand the hype. But good luck to everyone that wants one!”

Rachel, 24, London

“It looks a lot bigger, and shinier. It's better than my phone, which was £10 from Tesco. I’m looking forward to the new maps and not getting lost.”

Becky, 20, London

“What I love about this one is it’s much easier to use than the 4. It’s slimmer and the design is nice. But then it’s longer, so I don’t know – it’s too long for my thumb!”

Ana, 25, Moldova

“I love the new iPhone 5. I think it’s slick, it’s light, the quality’s great, and I can’t wait to buy it.”

Preema, 29, Ickenham

"The new iPhone is much better. It’s a lot more lightweight, it’s more streamlined and the map application looks much better."

Katie, 23, Oxford

"The best thing about the iPhone 5 is the panoramic camera. It’s very quick and easy to use and creates a really good picture. It’s amazing!”

Hazel, 24, Cornwall

“I love the slim design and the long screen.”

Claire, 26, Cornwall

“It’s pretty cool, very light, very swish. It’s cool.”

Christy, 24, London

“I think it’s good. It looks cool”
Olivia, 20, London

“It’s not worth queuing overnight for, because it’s just the same as the iPhone 4, only a bit thinner with a bit of metal at the back. I don’t really see the difference – it’s a bit of a novelty. No-one needs to wait all night for it, really.”

Jess, 19, London

“In my opinion, the 5 is very similar to the 4. I can’t see any difference!”

Caroline, 26, London

iPhone 5 is currently available from vodafone.co.uk

Words: Tom Ryder