At the tailend of last week, the news we'd all been waiting for was finally announced.

Everyone's favourite, lovable but dysfunctional group of pals are coming back to the silverscreen with The Inbetweeners 2.

Yup, that's right, Jay, Will, Simon, and Neil are reuniting to terrify the 'clunge' of Britain and ruin buses for everyone once again. And with that in mind, we thought it best to reflect on their best bits and find out what we can learn from their awful love lives.

Here's what The Inbetweeners can teach us all about women (for better or worse)...

10  Personal hygiene is a must

09  Never make it obvious that you’re trying really hard to impress


08  Attention to detail is the key to being good at sex

inbetweeners sex gif


07  Lifeless missionary on the other hand, is not…

will the inbetweeners sex scene

06  Dancing is a 'great' way to stand out from a crowd

inbetweeners dancing

05  Falling in love is nice but can sometimes lead to humiliation

04  Insulting children is not cool

03  Never be scared of massive, overblown, romantic gestures

02  Ladies can sometimes come between friends

01  But in the end, your mates are always the ones with your back