Way back in October, the executive producers from The Simpsons revealed that a main character is going to die during the 25th season, which has just started airing in the US.

They gave one clue. "The actor playing the character won an Emmy for playing that character."

Which, considering it's an award-winning show where most of the characters are voiced by the same people, isn't really much of a clue at all.

Until yesterday when Simpsons voice god Hank Azaria confirmed that it definitely wouldn't be one of his characters. Meaning that the likes of Chief Wiggum, Moe Szyslak and Duffman are all safe.

But, worryingly, the vast majority of lead characters are not.

Here are the FHM odds for who we reckon could kick the bucket, and why...

Edna Krabappel x FHM

Why it might be her: If The Simpsons was a horror movie she'd be the first to get it: she's an annoying hardass, she's in an authority position and she's weirdly hot (don't say you haven't thought it...). It's like a Scream ticklist, and you wouldn't really be overly surprised. Plus, if it was her, she's a minor enough character for you not to care that much. So it's all gravy.

How she might die: Falling asleep with a fag in her mouth.

Why it might be him: Let's be honest, he has it coming.

How he might die: We'd like to think Bart would do the deed, but it's doubtful. Death by rake?

Abe Simpson x FHM

Why it might be him: TV shows love to stab you in the heart by killing off an elderly character. Remember when Nana went in The Royle Family? Oops... spoiler alert.

How he might die: In his sleep, surrounded by his family and millions of sobbing viewers around the world.

Why it might be him: He's a shady character. FHM discovered earlier that he was originally intended to be Homer's secret identity, so who knows what they might pull out of the bag?

How he might die: A circus stunt involving cannons, monkeys and cocaine gone terribly awry.

Barney Gumble x FHM

Why it might be him: If Matt Groening and co feel like making a statement on the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption, Barney Gumble's death is the way to go.

How he might die: Choking on his own vomit in the most graphic way possible.

Ned flanders x FHMWhy it might be him: They got rid of Maude, didn't they?

How he might die: In some awesome, heroic way like pushing Homer out the way of a crashing, flaming blimp.

Homer SImpson x FHMWhy it might be him: Because sometimes life isn't fair.

How he might die: We don't want to think about it.

Disagree? Let us know in the comments how wrong we are...