This week a whole host of top internet sites, including eBay and PayPal, crashed on their arses, leaving us all floundering at our keyboards in sweaty-palmed panic.

They're all back up for now, but the bad news is that techy expert people fear that this kind of thing might begin to happen more regularly as the internet, quite simply, runs out of space.

Here's all you need to know about the shit-your-pants scary web crisis…

So the internet is doomed and my life is over, right?

No, you silly sausage. Basically, the downtime has been caused by a little-known but mega-important part of the web called the Border Gateway Protocol, or BGP if you're one of those busy, fast-talking types.

What? What's that? I'M ANGRY AND CONFUSED.

Calm down sir. The BGP is essentially the nuts and bolts of the web, acting as a route map around cyberspace. It allows people to send information to each other via hundreds of thousands of different tangled paths of data.

Who broke it? Was it me?

Don't be so hard on yourself. But yeah, maybe. When people visit websites, they rely on machines called routers to follow the paths created by the BGP in order to manoeuvre around the web safely.

But now, older routers are struggling to keep up with the rising number of people using internet-ready smartphones and tablets to navigate the web and use social media.

Some outdated machines impose a titchy upper limit of 512,000 different routes, which simply isn't up to the task.

So my selfies are breaking the internet?

No, but you should probably stop posting them anyway. You might just need to nab yourself a new router, although the internet is constantly evolving, and buying new tech every couple of years could be pricey.

Despite what the IT Crowd might tell you, it would be nearly impossible to actually destroy the internet. If it did, however, your life would effectively be over. Remember that time Facebook went down for an hour or so? You were in a right state. Imagine that all over again but throw in the collapse of the economy, security and planes just dropping out of the skies left, right and centre.

So what would happen if the internet actually bit the bullet?

All we know is that this would be fricking terrible. Desperate Instagrammers would have to resort to taking polaroids of their meals to shove in your face, and the loss of Facebook would force us to take part in actual human interaction *shudder*. It really does not bare thinking about.

Luckily for us, the internet is safe for yet another day, and so is this GIF of sexy tech-head Olivia Munn chilling in a hot tub...