No, this isn’t an office daydream. Angelina has read EL. James’ novel and is interested in playing the female lead in the up-and-coming movie adaptation of this year’s smash-hit clit-lit novel Fifty Shades Of Grey.

If you’ve been walking around with your ears plugged and eyes closed for the past two months then you may not have heard of Fifty Shades.

The novel tracks the tale of Anastasia Steele, a young virgin who signs her life away to Christian Grey and spends the rest of the book exploring his world of sex, dominance and bondage.

So all in all, a pretty standard night out in Leicester for the young Anastasia.

A source close to Jolie said, “Angelina went out and bought herself a copy, thinking she’d love a part in the hot topic on everyone’s lips at the moment. She knows the film is bound to be a hit.”

Jolie is of course no stranger to the occasional totally tasteful and obviously called-for nude scene, as anyone who’s seen lesbian sex-fest Gia will be aware.

But as much as we’d love to see 90 minutes of the mother of six indulging in filthy S&M, we don’t know if she’s quite right to play the part of the virginal Anastasia.

A whole host of Hollywood hotties, including our personal faves Emma Watson and Scarlett Johansson, have also been rumoured for the role. The truth is, whoever lands it, somehow we don’t think we’ll be disappointed.

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Words: Hannah Ewens