Time is money, they say. But what if money was time? What if you stopped ageing at 25 (yay) but only had a further year to acquire enough time to stay alive (boo)?

Them's the happs in Justin Timberlake’s awesome new thriller, In Time. It also stars Amanda Seyfried and Cillian Murphy in a world where the rich can live forever, but for the poor it’s a constant race against time to acquire some more time currency and stay alive. The film’s out November 1, and in the meantime you can experience what it’s like and win a year of YOUR life by taking part in one of the coolest competitions we’ve seen in yonks.

Just head to the In Time Facebook page for your chance to win a year's salary. That's your own salary, of course, you can't be all like 'yeah, I'll just take Samuel Eto'o's salary, if you please'.

Just set up your time account, start entering your collected codes and be in with a chance of winning a year of your life. What you do with it is up to you (just don't spend it all playing Angry Birds).

Here's a code which will help you out: R9TUN

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