On June 21, humanity will be brought to the brink of extinction by a devastating international crisis in the epic action thriller World War Z.

As entire populations are mysteriously transformed into an enemy beyond our comprehension, every nation is united in the fight to survive. On a globe-spanning race against time, U.N. Specialist Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) may be the only one who can hunt down the cause, risking everything he has left to protect his family and turn the tide of the world’s last war before time runs out for everyone.

World War Z poster

To celebrate the release of World War Z, in cinemas June 21, we have a pair of tickets up for grabs to the world premiere, followed by a live performance from Muse at the Horse Guards Parade Ground St James’ Park. That's right. Bloody Muse.

That means there's also enough time to first check out World War Z, the original New York Times best-selling novel from Max Brooks, first. If you're looking for the next big thing on your reading list, this is it.

For a chance to walk the red carpet with (maybe but probably not) some zombies, watch the trailer below and answer the following question:

According to the World War Z trailer, when will life as we know it end?

Send your answers in to comps@fhm.com by Wednesday 29 May.

Good luck!

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