To celebrate the release of The Inbetweeners 2 (try to control your excitement), we sat down with Simon Bird (Will), Joe Thomas (Simon) , Blake Harrison (Neil) and James Buckley (Jay) to talk filming the sequel, 1kg steak challenges and nearly being eaten by sharks...


FHM: So, filming the sequel to an outrageously successful movie in Australia must have been alright?
Joe: It’s definitely the most fun we’ve had filming The Inbetweeners.
Simon: It’s been so long since we did the first film so we were making up for lost time. Every time we do it, it’s a whole lot more relaxed and the performances come a lot easier.
Blake: Being in Australia didn’t hurt either.


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What was the most Inbetweeners-esque moment you had off-set?
Blake: Me and Joe did an eating challenge where we had to eat 1kg of steak, a full rack of ribs, 1kg of fries and some salad. Neither of us completed. Both quite ill by the end.
Simon: Vomiting throughout the night.
Joe: That was one of the worst nights of my life. I’m never doing an eating challenge again. They’re not as fun as they sound.
Simon: It was really fun for me. I absolutely enjoyed watching it.
Blake: We even had to eat the fat of the steak. That was a bone of contention for me.
James: There wasn’t that much fat.
Blake: There was a lot of fat.
Simon: Stop being such a pussy, Blake.

Which one of you, outside of your characters, is most likely to be eaten by a shark on a day off?
Simon: Joe.
James: He fell off a jet ski.
Simon: We went jet skiing in shark-infested waters and they said to us, “In this ocean bit, do be careful not to fall off.” He immediately fell off.
Joe: I was trying to jump over a wave.

When it gets round to the premiere, who will be the one squirming most in their seat from embarrassment?
Simon: We never really dread seeing those kind of scenes. If it’s embarrassing, it means it’s going to be funny and people will enjoy it. The testicles in series 3, however, was slightly different. Nudity is a different ball game.
Joe: I think we’ll be nervous but often you’re nervous because you’re scrutinising your own performance.
Blake: And more with a particular line that you deliver. As an actor, you think, “Oh that’s rubbish. I did that wrong.”


Can you begin to imagine a world where The Inbetweeners didn’t exist? What would you be doing?

Simon: It would be awful, wouldn’t it?
Joe: Imagine that. A world without hope. A world without laughter.
Simon: Grey and cloudy.
Blake: Obama never would have been president.
James: That’s true.
Simon: He’s got a lot to thank us for.
We didn’t get a mention in his inauguration but never mind.
Simon: What would I be doing? No idea. The stand-up circuit, maybe. [To Blake] You’d still be at Madame Tussauds. Would have worked your way up.
Blake: I’d be in the new Star Wars, mate, playing Darth Maul’s grandson.
Simon: Sorry that we’ve held you back.
Blake: That’s alright. It’s for the love of it that I do it. Or Chewbacca, with these legs.
Joe: Star Wars would have been my number one.
Simon: I’ve got no interest.
James: What?
Blake: It’s pop culture. You miss so much stuff.
Simon: I’d like to have been in Lord of the Rings.
James: Yeah, Lord of the Rings would have been good.
Has this just become a list of stuff we’d like to be in instead of The Inbetweeners?

The Inbetweeners 2 is in cinemas now