We are officially in the No Man's Land between the World Cup ending and the new season starting. Does the mere thought make your throat start to close up a little bit? Are you starting to get the fear?

Don't panic. Luckily, The Equaliser is on hand to fill that football-shaped hole in your life. 

It's full of interesting football stats and unique facts that'll basically make you sound like a sporting genius (or at least more knowledgeable than Adrian Chiles).

Did you know, for example, that Goetze is the youngest World Cup final goalscorer in almost 50 years?

Or that Mesut Ozil is pretty much the world's most underrated player?

The site's chock-full of this kind of brilliant pub ammo and, with the addition of some awesome-looking graphics, the whole thing looks pretty ace too.

Head over to TheEqualiser.com and fill your football boots.