In this month's FHM, we head to Sin City to rub shoulders with the mavericks, oddballs and cut-throat businessmen who make the Strip tick... and bust a few myths while we're at it.

What are people willing to pawn for some extra cash? How much can a pretty, female blackjack dealer make in tips? Would security really bury you alive if they caught you counting cards? Read our interviews with the voices of Vegas:
FHM 72 hours in Las Vegas

Stuart Ross, 40, table games supervisor

My job involves watching a lot of people gamble a lot of money. I cover the high-rollers area, so I see people lose a lot and win a lot.
A typical bet in the high-rollers area can be anything from $500 to $70,000 each time. I’ve had people play roulette for $100,000 a spin, and people walking away saying, “Thank you”, even though they’ve just lost a million dollars.
When people lose big, they react differently. It depends on their personality. I’ve seen grown men in tears.
I’ve witnessed people lose their life savings. I’ve seen guys that have lost everything and I’ve had to put them on a bus with a one-way ticket out of Vegas. This place can chew you up and spit you out.
I don’t really gamble. Not often, anyway. I don’t think you can if you want to live here.
If we find someone counting cards, we don’t take him out back and break his fingers. We just stop him from playing blackjack and restrict him to the slots.
The city’s not like it is in the film Casino any more. It’s not run by mobsters and crooks – it’s run by big boards and corporations now.
I’ve seen some crazy stuff since I moved here. I’ve seen people shagging in the pool. I’ve seen people pulling stuff out of bags they shouldn’t be pulling out. They think they can get away with it because it’s Las Vegas.

FHM 72 hours in Las Vegas

Rick Harrison (left), 48, and Corey Harrison, 29, pawn dealers

The pawn industry changes. Things become worth more or less. The only constant is jewellery.
Just because something’s old, doesn’t mean it’s worth a lot of money. It’s much more important that it’s rare.
There’s a “40 years” rule. If something’s really cool, 40 years later it’ll be worth something. Make sure you hold on to all the crap you had when you were a kid.
People have brought in some bizarre stuff. The weirdest thing I’ve seen is 200-year-old Japanese porn. It was all hand-painted and is now worth about $20,000.
We get celebrities coming in all the time. Steve Carell was in the store recently. Nice guy.
People offer up some stuff we can’t buy. The other day a guy brought in five human skulls.
You can find something valuable anywhere. Look at garage sales, or a vintage fair. You’ve just got to get lucky.
People often come in and tell me their diamonds are perfect specimens. I’m the one who has to tell them they’re not.

FHM 72 hours in Las Vegas

Maxine King, 31, blackjack dealer

In party pits, there are two rules. They are: only females working the tables, and minimal clothing.
It’s my job to flirt. Most of my income comes from tips, so I need to make sure you’re having a good time.
British guys are terrible at tipping. Americans are the best. The most I ever made in a night was about $30,000.
You get all sorts of requests. Once a couple asked if I’d like to come to their room. I politely declined.
People claim that you’ve made mistakes all the time. That’s what the cameras are for. If there’s a dispute, we rewind the tape. 

FHM 72 hours in Las Vegas

Scott Lever, 37, and Andrew Boas, 36, High Roller Suites

We deal with all requests, from budget to blowout. We’ve had stag trips where people spend a few hundred bucks, and celebs who spend thousands.
It’s a cliché that you can get anything in Vegas, but it’s true. If it exists, you can buy it in Vegas.
We’ve seen two guys at a club with 50 girls at their table. We’ve had guys buy quarter of a million dollar bottles of champagne.
Vegas is about peacocking. It’s about guys showing girls what they’ve got, and vice versa. Act big and big things will come.
A lot of our clients have no idea what they did in Vegas. We had one group recently who had a two-day blackout.
Vegas is a great place to be in the service industry. One guy tipped his waitress $200,000.
Bring with you credit cards, headache pills and condoms. Leave the deeds to your house behind.

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