They say the world is going to end in 2012. They’ve said this before, of course, and been wrong, but if you’re the kind of person who confidently declares that the world is going to end on a certain date, you’re also the kind of person who finds it much easier to pick another random date when your prophecy doesn’t come true, rather than having to accept a kick in the chops from pesky foes like science, logic and common sense.

Whether or not this is our last year on earth, one thing’s for certain: it’s going to be soundtracked by some absolutely massive tunes.

Random Impulse

The basics: 22-year-old grime MC from North London with a refreshingly broad and versatile style.
We say: Think Plan B, but before he realised he could make loads more money by ditching the swearbombs and singing some nice lullabies that big companies would use to flog laptops and cider.
You say: "Saw him supporting Ed Sheerans gig:) but I believe Impulse should be the one who has the supporting acts!" - STREETxKiiNG
"He's created something new and amazing thats why he deserves to be big. <3" - TheLawrencew090
"I just blew my overload..." - KsantiMedia

Keaton Henson

The basics: 23-year-old introverted songwriter from the suburbs of London.
We say:
Not one for the 'Sambuca moment' at your next house party, but you'd have to be a hardnosed bastard not to feel any appreciation for the heartfelt tremblings Keaton has been unassumedly tickling out of his bedroom for the past few years.
You say:
"I love how he didn't even intend these to be heard, just recorded them in his room or something and he says the thought that anyone can listen terrifies him. So glad they got released in the end, I havn't heard music with such emotion for a while." - Lentonio11
"I'm sorry. But I don't care. This song is mine. I don't want it played on the radio, I don't want keaton to become a celebrity I dont want it to be covered on fucking xfactor. I just want to listen to this song by myself in my room. I want to die to this song. I don't want it to be eaten away at by everyone else. I don't care who this comment pisses off. I just don't want it to be ripped to shreds like everything else." - grakdom


The basics:
Three-strong girlband fresh from a stint supporting N-Dubz on tour.  
We say:
Imagine Lily Allen, Jessie J and Katy B have all moved in together, overdosed on Topshop pick 'n' mix and decide to record some bouncy beats in colourful T-shirts...
You say:
"Catchy as dodge... Fuck it, Catchy as fuck!" - Empizah
"I think I actually know every word now. That hasn't happened since Vanilla Ice." - TheSideangle


The basics:
Real name Sirach Charles, 23-year-old singer songwriter who has penned tracks for Roll Deep and Devlin, and composed for JLS and Cheryl Cole.
We say: Girlfriend-friendly sunshine R'n'B with an edge. Perfect pool party fodder, best served with rum and coke. 
They say:
"I've been thinking who you sound like for ages and I've worked it out as Jason Derulo, but a lot better!" - coopz92
"I always hear Americans commenting on English shit saying it's whack rah rah rah. That's 'cause most of the stuff they get dished IS whack. However, show 'em this and they wouldn't say ISH! BIG BIG BIG TUNE!" - Maximusic999

Jamie N Commons

The basics:
Bristol-born and Chicago-raised 22-year-old growling out moody blues for a cloudy day.
We say: Take Jeff Buckley, Johhny Cash, Nick Cave and Tom Waits, melt into a viscous cough syrup and serve over a belting hangover.
They say:
"he needs a beard" - gbius06
"You're the most amazing thing in MUSIC I've seen since Johnny Cash passed away... It"s true catharsis..." - razzamatazzit


The basics:
23-year-old Mancunian who made her break DJing for the likes of N*E*R*D and Taio Cruz before breaking into singing-songwriting. Has since supported Example on tour and worked with Devlin and Labrinth.
We say:
Infectious jungle beats and Lilt-flavoured sexiness have Ms. Dynamite looking over her shoulder nervously.
They say:
"I'm a girl and i'd turn lesbian for her, oh my god." - crazylittlelazy
"Fucking jungle is back you dubstep fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!" - bumbacult
"luvin the trip hop/jungle type of track reminds me of people like dj krush, dj shadow and tricky. keep up the good work!!" - naaz08


The basics:
Four-piece band from across the pond playing sunshine indie for the masses and keenly supporting The Vaccines.
We say:
The band describe their stuff as "surf thrash", but don't be fooled: you're unlikely to have your head ripped off at one of their gigs. Note: the below comment is SPOT ON.
They say:
"Lead singer loos like a cross between Napoleon Dynamite and Justin Bieber!" - iseeeverythinginmono
"the ironic thing is everyone thinks this needs more exposure, but in a year from now when this vid has 2 million views every damn hipster is gonna complain about how they're so mainstream now..." - theguy886 

Nina Nesbitt

The basics:
17-year-old acoustic strummer and singer from Edinburgh.
We say: Getting some early attention with acoustic covers of Ed Sheeran and Example - they were both so impressed they invited her to perform with them - but just as comfortable creating her own stuff. Expect Nina to be frequenting your girlfriend's car stereo over the coming months. The lovechild of a conversation in which Laura Marling bumped into Kate Nash and said: "Come on, Kate. Your stuff's great but why not try being a bit less, y'know, annoying?"
They say:
"Simply magical. I can relate to this, I love your music because you sing and write from the heart. Soul and Heart is slowly leaving music and It's great to see you bringing it back!" - MrGoldyFace
"hahaha i love this video Nina! and the song is amazing too! Love how it's homemade :) you are going to be a star!" - SarahClose1

The 2 Bears

The basics:
London-based musical duo comprised of Hot Chip's Joe Goddard and excellently-named Raf Rundell, a club promoter and DJ. Would've been called The 3 Bears if they hadn't ditched Metronomy's Joe Mount.
We say:
Cheeky, rhythmic hip hop on a dancefloor destroying scale. Neck that VK Ice and give everyone a sweaty bear hug.
They say:
"Wuuuuuuudafuuuuuck?!?" - comianain839
"was i the only one expecting a bear ? IS A BEAR TO MUCH TO ASK FOR !!" - TheLHxP

Emeli Sandé

The basics:
Angel-voiced singer and golden-penned songwriter from Glasgow.
We say:
She's already big news, having featured on Chipmunk's Diamond Rings, Wiley's Never Be Your Woman and Pro Green's Read All About It, but 2012 will be the year Emeli Sandé TAKES OVER THE WORLD (has a large amount of commercial success and recognition).  Her real name's Adele, but she obviously really likes confusing call centre operators.
They say:
"I don't know why, but this song makes me sad. I love this song though & her voice is amazing, she is going to be BIG" - Bossish100
"Emeli Sande is the best thing to happen to UK music in the last 10 years. Such honest heart felt music. The world better get ready for her, she's about to take OVER!" - allergic2cunt

King Krule  

The basics:
Real name Archy Marshall; performed under the name Zoo Kid until he decided his love for Donkey Kong Country was too strong to resist any longer. Has been likened to Joey Barton's wet dream Morrissey.
We say:
When God decided to put La Roux's hair on Rick Astley's head, he decided to balance things out by gifting that child with a knack for beautifully simple lyrics and haunting delivery.
They say:
"the one thing i love about this kid right off that bat: he's doing is OWN thing. aint heard nothin else like this before, MEGA props to this kid." - heeheheheehehe
"that feeling you get when you stay up all night, and you walk outside and there's dew everywhere and the sun is just rising, and you're all alone standing there like fuck" - ars3nalpromo


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