Back on July 9 last year, we brought you a website we quite liked. It was called – "the home of LAD banter".

Now, a mere six months on, True Lad has had a right ol’ revamp.

You can now add photos, which look like this:

Sign was insightful 

And this:

Babar the elephant prince abused his royal powers

They’ve added the LAD Bible, which enables you to add your own chapter on what it means to be a true lad. These will then be compiled to create the comprehensive LAD Bible.

According to the experts, a 'true lad' is: "a british phenomenon; beer chugging, banter loving, footie watching, womanising man – a LAD".

They’ve also branched out into the world of sport, with the imaginatively titled True Lad Sport, a foray into proper sports journalism featuring articles that attract, to put it mildly, some impassioned debate.

So True Lad is now better than ever, but doesn’t that increase the risk of you suffering lad withdrawal symptoms when you can't log on? Not on your nelly, ‘coz it’s now available on iPhone via the App Store.

And don’t fear, the old classic ladisms are still present:

"A mate, on 99 birds shagged, takes back a girl he'd been for drinks with. We (his housemates) all hide behind furniture in the living room when he came back. He starts his foreplay and asks her if she'd mind if he wore cricket gloves whilst they had sex, since it was a bit of a fetish thing for him. She looked confused but said fine, he goes into bag and puts them on. Then asks if he can wear pads, then finally a helmet. Fully padded up, proceeds to enter her and after about 3 minutes (LAD) comes, flicks on the main light switch. We all pop up from behind the sofa with rousing applause and cries of 'THATS THE CENTURY!!', he grabs his cricket bat, removes his helmet and acknowledges the crowd. She bursts into tears, dresses quickly and runs out of the front door. She left her pants. LAD"

Melts your heart, doesn't it?