Imagine if the moon landing had clashed with the ’66 World Cup Final. Or the Royal Wedding was on at the same time as MJ’s memorial service. What would YOU have watched?

Tomorrow night, you’ve got to make a decision of similar proportions: The X Factor Final or El Clásico? Which should you plump for?

If you’re struggling to make that decision, let FHM readers and passionate madheads help you out...

(9pm, Sky Sports 1)

Ben Booker
Man, well fucking El-fucking-Clásico, what can you say? The greatest players on earth clash, for the title, for bragging rights, for the badges on their shirts – it truly is the clash of the titans. And when they clash it’s the most beautiful sight on earth; two of the greatest football minds on earth masterminding the assault to be carried out by 22 players of godlike ability. What more could you ask for?

And X Factor? Well, it’s just been proven to be a popularity contest. I'm in a band, we don't need a sob story or a competition – we contact the shit out of pubs and clubs and rock our cunts off.

Usman Khalid
I love both, but Spanish football over the X Factor anyday.

Ryan Young
El Clásico is the biggest game in world football, showcasing the biggest players on the planet. Madrid and Barcelona combined are supported by 75% of the Spanish population so this will be on every TV in Spain on Sunday night. Local takeaway companies are expecting to make up to 50% more profit during the game.

This passion cannot be matched anywhere in the world. The passion, flair and history is why this game is loved so much.

X Factor is a fad, something to pass the time. In time the contestants and songs are no longer remembered. EVERYONE remembers El Clásico. MEN watch El Clásico. Leave X Factor to your partner!!

Tony Foskett
All 'bout El Clásico this weekend.

El Classico
"Ay, why you no more want to play pattercake, pattercake, baker's man, David?"

Darren Parish, Cornwall
Certain games are just massive. The Milan derby. The Rome derby. And Madrid versus Barcelona. It’s one of those games you’re brought up on. You’ve always thought 'Oh God, it’s one of those games you’d love to go and see'. It’s one of those huge sporting events. It’s stupid money. Tickets are way over a grand. And then you have to become a member of their scheme. There are certain things you have to do to even earn the right to buy them. It’s not the sort of ticket that comes on the market very easy.

I’d never miss it. We’ve got a big battle in our house because the wife and kids will want to watch The X Factor and I’ve been telling them it’s not as good as it has been, it’s a faded star now, it’s like Big Brother - nobody’s watching it anymore. I think you can only do it for so many years and then it just loses its edge.

I can’t think of any mates that prefer The X Factor. It’s such a huge game. Spanish games are very rarely boring because there’s always something going on; there’s always lots of bookings and action. You get moments like the pig’s head thrown at Luis Figo. 

In three words: Atmosphere, drama and excitement.

Rory Perry
I won't be watching either 'cause I'll be seeing Example at the Academy in Brum, but I do want Madrid to win!! Fuck The X Factor.

Lee Innes, Sunderland
I love football. I’ve got a season ticket for Sunderland and I just love getting home after a few pints and watching Spanish football. Barcelona Madrid, it’s a massive game. The league’s always between them two.

I can’t stand The X Factor; it’s just a glorified karaoke show. People who’d prefer to watch that need to get a life. My girlfriend’s into football so she’d prefer El Clásico over that. If she preferred X Factor we wouldn’t have to argue about it – there’d be no debate – it’s an easy choice, it’d be El Clásico.

Last season was the best one I’ve seen, when Barcelona won 5-0. From start to finish they were just immense. Unbeatable.

In three words: El Clásico, amen!

Miguel Cano
I don't know anybody that likes The X Factor. Maybe 'cause I'm an adult.

Ewen Pearson
I don't watch X Factor because I am not a fucking moron.

(8pm, ITV)

Jenni McKnight, Twickenham
For me it’s all about the judges. I’m not a massive fan of Take That but I love Gary Barlow. When I heard that he was going to be the new judge, I just wanted to see what he was like. He can be a bit of an arsehole; I really like that about him. He’s perceived as this nice pop band boy but he’s not.

I’m going to the final. I’m really excited about it. My friend works at ITV and it’s kind of a birthday present to me. I’ve always wanted tickets for the final but so many people do that it’s so hard to get.

I watch it religiously every Saturday and Sunday. I’m obsessed with Twitter as well so I like to watch it live and get involved with the Twitter action.

There’s a lot more bitchiness and drama that goes on at The X Factor than at the football. It’s just of one of those things that you might hate it but you’re still going to talk about it – you can’t help yourself.

Even the people that are abusing and insulting it, they’re still watching it! If you don’t watch it you really miss out.

In three words: Controversial, camp and dramatic.

Mick Hill
I reckon people should be watching X Factor because it's raw talent and giving people opportunity to show their true talents that don’t usually have the chance to at any other time.

The X Factor Final
We've seen quite enough of Kitty's 'talents' thanks, Mick

James Leacock, Beaconsfield
It’s just so unpredictable. Well, actually, it’s predictable and unpredictable. So you know roughly who’s going to go through but you don’t know who’s going to have arguments, who’s going to forget their lines – you don’t get football players doing stupid dances with hot dancers as they come on the stage like you get with Dermot [O'Leary]. 

I just love the buzz they generate. The football gets a bit ‘same old’. Every match seems to be the same. People just talk about the results whereas with X Factor you can go on Twitter and talk to people about it and everyone’s much more engaged. The football’s a bit boring, really. X Factor’s just more exciting, it’s more engaging.

I watch it religiously every Saturday and Sunday. I record it as well so if I’m feeling really sad I can watch it again midweek to keep me going until the following weekend.

My social life revolves around The X Factor. If my mates and I are going out drinking we’ll go to someone’s house first for pizza and watch The X Factor and then we’ll go out after.

My favourite moment was when those two girls were trying to sing on stage and they said to Danni Minogue “Sorry, who are you?” and one girl punched the other in the face and walked off in a strop; just because of the controversy that arose as a result. I love a bit of arguing and tension.

Sometimes on the weekends I go and see my dad in London and he’s not an X Factor fan by any stretch. I can’t convince him to watch it. He hates it. He’d rather die than watch The X Factor. If I’m there when it’s on I’m constantly checking my phone for what’s going on.

I keep applying on the Applause Store but it seems impossible to get tickets. I’ve applied religiously. I can’t get them. Have you got any?

In three words: Exciting, tense and intriguing.


If you're after theatrics, girlish squealing, unrivalled hyperbole, bitching, sore losers, controversy and copious amounts of hair products, watch The X Factor. Or El Clásico. Either way. Up to you, really. Don't you know Freaky Eaters USA is on Discovery Home & Health at 9?