We love football. Absolutely bloody love it. It’s easily in our top five things we love the most. Dinner. Dogs that think they’re people. Butterscotch Angel Delight. Sunny days. Football. That’s not in order, you understand – we could never rank ‘the big five’ so dispassionately.

We’ll watch pretty much any football that’s available. “Sorry lads, can’t make it out tonight, there’s a belter of a mid-table clash in the blind women’s 5-a-side Division 3 that we’ve just GOT to watch.”

But, even with this unerring passion for watching footy, we do sometimes find ourselves watching a game and not enjoying it all that much. (If you’ve even seen Liverpool play in Europe, you’ll know what we mean.) For every Newcastle v Arsenal four-all classic, there’s countless depressing nil-nils in the middle of winter in front of a handful of diehard fans only there because their wives hate them.

Well now, thanks to ZonePlay, watching football need never be boring again.

What's this 'ZonePlay' business all about, then?

Glad you asked. It’s a new way to gamble in-play. Rather than just betting on the final-score, who’ll score next – that kind of thing – you can gamble on exactly what will happen next. You’re presented with a birds-eye-view 2D pitch with 10 areas, all offering different odds on where the ball will next go out of play.

You can see where the ball is at all times and which team is in possession, and the odds of each outcome change accordingly as the game flows. It's like a big game of 'What happens next?' but for money and without Sue Barker.

Get it? No? Well then you're stupid. Watch this video:

Will I win loads of money and become really rich and happy?

When FHM gave it a go, we made a slow start (who knew Nani’s shooting was so accurate?) before turning £1,000 into £3,086. Seriously. It happened. We were jubilant. There was clapping. And cheering. Champagne spraying. Man-hugging. A few tears. We danced like Mourinho before the sprinklers come on. Then they told us it was ‘pretend money’ and we couldn’t keep it. There were more tears. In fact, thinking about it now, the memories are so distressing... yep, here come the tears again.

If you want to check it out, hit www.buzzsports.com.

Oh, and if you don't want to risk any cash, you can play for free and still be eligible to win cash prizes. They've got twenty grand to give away on the free play version between now and the end of the football season. (Yeah, and we all know where three grand of that came from, don't we?)