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  • UCMMA 18 this weekend
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    UCMMA 18 this weekend

    It’s shaping up to be quite a good week for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. A few days ago, we learned that the most vacuous couple...

  • Websites We Quite Like: Comedy blogs
    Websites We Quite Like: Comedy blogs

    Everybody loves a LOL. Sometimes we're even treated to a megalol or two. But it's not quite as easy as typing 'Funny Stuff' in to Google and...

  • Article Autoplay 630x400
    The Fighter – exclusive clip!

    The Oscar-nominated film The Fighter came out yesterday, and just in case you didn’t go and see it, here’s an exclusive clip. Oh you did go and see it...

  • <i>In praise of protests</i>, by Dan Kieran
    In praise of protests, by Dan Kieran

    Dan, author of I Fought The Law, has organised a cricket match for the ‘Ashes’ of the Magna Carta outside the Houses of Parliament...

  • FHM checks out Wall Street
    FHM checks out Wall Street

    When most people notice a film is coming out their reaction is something like “That looks good, I definitely want to watch that,” or “Looks interesting...

  • SEWN UP - Transfer Day Summary
    SEWN UP - Transfer Day Summary

    09:30/ Yeah, that's right, FHM.com has gone all live text on your ass. We're going to bring you all of the transfer news as it happens right here...

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    Duke Nukem: Forever gets a release date

    It’s fair to say there’s probably never been a more aptly titled video game than Duke Nukem: Forever. After all, it’s been almost 15 years since...

  • <i>The Runaways</i> review
    The Runaways review

    In the tide of women’s lib, a gang of incredibly underage girls (pioneered by Joan Jet) get together to make rock...

  • Websites We Quite Like: MMA and Boxing
    Websites We Quite Like: MMA and Boxing

    The law. It can be a bit of a bugger, eh? In life and in sport, sometimes you wish it would do you a favour and let you write your own little bylaw's...

  • Article Autoplay 630x400
    True Grit: see it before your friends

    We have 15 pairs of tickets to give away. If you win, we will contact you. If you don’t win, we will not contact you...

  • Six ways to work smarter
    Six ways to work smarter

    Working harder than ever and still no payrise? Successful people who quit the 9-to-5 grind reveal novel methods to beat the recession…

  • FHM Meets the heavyweight champion of the world
    FHM Meets the heavyweight champion of the world

    David Haye, the current WBA Heavyweight Champion of the World, is charging towards FHM in a boxing ring with both arms...

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