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    FHM meets David Haye, again...

    It's a pretty tough gig being an FHM writer. Well, it can be. Case in point: we were told to go and interview David Haye for the EA Sports' new...

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    See Limitless, for free, before anyone else

    Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro star in Limitless, a paranoia-fueled action thriller about an unsuccessful writer who...

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    Hall Pass - trailer

    This is a film. A new film, which we think could be really awesome. Unfortunately trailers are a very small part of a whole film...

  • <i>FHM</i> meets Ross Pearson
    FHM meets Ross Pearson

    We’ve stressed before just how underrated we think Australia is, as a nation. Our main reasons were the existence of Miranda Kerr and the...

  • A hedonist’s guide to decadent travel
    A hedonist’s guide to decadent travel

    Narco-tourism is still possible today, but most destinations are too dangerous to visit or under draconian drug enforcement...

  • REVIEW: <i>The Social Network</i>
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    REVIEW: The Social Network

    The story of Mark Zuckerberg's transformation from socially awkward genius with bad hair to extraordinarily wealthy founder of Facebook...

  • Websites We Quite Like: Music
    Websites We Quite Like: Music

    Music can be, like football, a matter of opinion. Sometimes you hear a tune, think nothing of it, and before you know it you've got a new favourite...

  • How to pick a horse in a paddock
    How to pick a horse in a paddock

    This essay contains information that could lead to bankruptcy. Gambling then – there is but one rule. If you mind losing money more...

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    Exclusive! Alan Partridge episode 10 trailer!

    The next instalment of Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters is nearly upon us, and we can go some way to quenching your anticipation for the event...

  • Samarqand: Samsas, Cocktails and Consoles
    Samarqand: Samsas, Cocktails and Consoles

    You know when you’re meant to meet up with mates for a drink or some food, and you just can’t be arsed? Or before a night out, you’d rather...

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    Go and see I Am Number Four! For free!

    In the BFI IMAX which is in London which is a nice city full of politicians and sin and pies and lager and football and bridges

  • FHM versus meat #1: steak
    FHM versus meat #1: steak

    We’re all about meat. Eating it. Cooking it. Sometimes just looking at it and going "bloody hell, look at that delicious meat"...

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