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  • Will you like Canterbury’s <i>More Than Know</i>?
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    Will you like Canterbury’s More Than Know?

    Canterbury release their new single More Than Know on Monday, and are touring the UK at the start of 2012. If you're not familiar with the work of...

  • An ORSE music video you’ve never seen before
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    An ORSE music video you’ve never seen before

    It’s for a single called Stitches which comes from an album entitled Labyrinths which is the debut of a man called Polinski who is Paul Wolinski...

  • Ron Weasley and Ed Sheeran are both ginger
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    Ron Weasley and Ed Sheeran are both ginger

    Floppy-haired ginger shitwizard Ron Weasley and floppy-haired ginger hitmaker Ed Sheeran don’t have an awful lot in common. One spends his days...

  • Article Autoplay 630x400
    FHM hangs out with DC's Ken Block

    Ken Block is a legend. He founded DC shoes, he’s an epic racecar driver and he invited us to join him in Barcelona with 12 beautiful girls...

  • Four awesome tings about the Ting Tings
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    Four awesome tings about the Ting Tings

    What has four legs, blonde hair and an awesome red cap? It’s only the Ting Tings. Here’s why we like their new video...

  • newsletter stitches
    newsletter stitches

    newsletter stitches

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    Russell Kane: choosing the right car

    Though he’s starting to look like the big brother of Jedward with his spray-on jeans and elegantly styled quiff, we think Russell Kane is a bit of a hero...

  • Biting Elbows smash their way out of an office
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    Biting Elbows smash their way out of an office

    Move over Mirror's Edge, you ain't got nothing on this. Russian Punk band Biting Elbows punch and free-run their way out of an office – and all in first-person.

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    Nicholas Cage done a film… [gulp]

    You know how sometimes you cook dinner for someone and it doesn’t turn out at all how you planned...

  • Article Autoplay 630x400
    Dynamo blows Tinie Tempah’s tiny mind

    Dynamo the magician, real name Steven Frayne, came into our office recently and did some REALLY crazy shit. He made stuff disappear...

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    John Carpenter chats about The Ward

    John Carpenter – the “Master of Horror,” as he's known – has got a new film out, starring the tremendously beautiful Amber Heard...

  • How <i>FHM</i> became a Hollywood star (kind of)
    How FHM became a Hollywood star (kind of)

    It’s 4am, it’s pitch black, and a half-asleep FHM is squeezing his car between a Sherman tank and a palm tree. This is weird, but weirder still when...

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