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  • FHM went to <i>Empire</i> BIG SCREEN
    FHM went to Empire BIG SCREEN

    Chances are, if you are a film fan worth his or her salt, you'll have heard all about Empire's Big Screen, and if you haven't yet, you'll probably want to read on..

  • <i>FIFA 12</i>: Hands-on preview
    Video Gallery
    FIFA 12: Hands-on preview

    After a lengthy battle for supremacy, FIFA has emerged from the battle of football sims with Pro Evolution Soccer as the top dog...

  • Ben & Jerry's 'Wich review
    Ben & Jerry's 'Wich review

    Reviews are usually limited to games, films, gadgets and so on. Food is often neglected because of the impermanent nature of it's being...

  • Lil Wayne bumped his head and it hurt
    Lil Wayne bumped his head and it hurt

    So Lil Wayne got chucked in the clink if you didn’t know already. And all because he slipped a cheeky firearm onto...

  • <i>Football Manager 2012</i>: New features
    Football Manager 2012: New features

    So the football season’s back, which is great in itself, the drama, the ecstasy, the passion, and all that good stuff. What’s also good...

  • Pharrell Williams is in Smirnoff's new ad
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    Pharrell Williams is in Smirnoff's new ad

    Pharrell Williams exudes cool like an ice-cold bottle of vodka. Which leads us nicely onto an advert for ice-cold vodka he did recently...

  • Friends With Benefits FHM Exclusive!

    Friends With Benefits is the new movie featuring our current girlfriend Mila Kunis. As you can probably gather from our past musings about Mila...

  • Article Autoplay 630x400
    People get beaten up in The Veteran

    Check out this exclusive clip from The Veteran, a very British and very gritty film about a soldier's return from...

  • FHM goes to Gamescom — Day One
    FHM goes to Gamescom — Day One

    For the next four days, we're going to pretend like we're proper games journalists. Gamescom is Europe's biggest videogame convention...

  • The new Lucozade advert is awesome
    Video Gallery
    The new Lucozade advert is awesome

    Lately Lucozade have been knocking it out the park when it comes to good adverts. Their newest is no exception, with The James Cleaver Quintet...

  • Funny man Justin talks about being a vicar
    Funny man Justin talks about being a vicar

    Jimmy Carr's favourite comedian talks about his favourite comedian, his office job and why sometimes...

  • <i>Cowboys & Aliens</i> — the full review
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    Cowboys & Aliens — the full review

    If absolutely everything else on the planet melted, leaving just you and a cinema showing Cowboys & Aliens, we still wouldn't recommend going to see it...

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