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  • <em>FHM</em> grills Kid Rock
    FHM grills Kid Rock

    You can dream, but the likelihood is, at the grand old age of 45, you won't see your life flash before you when the private jet that's taking you...

  • FHM Road Test: Audi A1
    FHM Road Test: Audi A1

    You wouldn’t think it, looking at Audi’s current output, but just 30 years ago it was a quirky, unpopular brand building strange cars that...

  • Article Autoplay 630x400
    The Barbarians had a party at Movida!

    From time to time we like to make ourselves feel a little better by rubbing shoulders with the sporting elite of this world. So when Peter at...

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    FHM Exclusive! Family Guy It’s a Trap! clip

    Family Guy is funny. Not as funny as dogs in party hats, obviously, but still pretty funny nonetheless. Star Wars is popular. Not as popular as dogs in party hats...

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    FHM becomes a pundit for Coral TV

    Alan Hansen really won't be quaking in his boots after this, because we were tired, slightly hungover and late. The end result was us sat...

  • <i>The Way Back</i> review
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    The Way Back review

    Seven prisoners shacked up in a Soviet Gulag in 1940 break free and undertake a 10,000km trek across every terrain imaginable...

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    Check out this Sucker Punch featurette

    Do you know a recipe for getting FHM interested in a movie? 1. Get a bunch of hot women. 2. Blow a lot of things up. 3. Tell us about it...

  • Josh Widdicombe wins FHM Stand-Up Hero 2010
    Josh Widdicombe wins FHM Stand-Up Hero 2010

    On Tuesday, our quest to discover our Stand-Up Hero for 2010 ended when we crowned 26-year-old Josh Widdicombe as this country’s most exciting comedy prospect...

  • <i>The Next Three Days</i> review
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    The Next Three Days review

    Teacher John Brennan (Russell Crowe) attempts to break his wife Lara (Elizabeth Banks) out of prison after she is convicted of a murder...

  • Vote For Your Modern Man Of 2011
    Vote For Your Modern Man Of 2011

    Because we love to big-up David Attenborough. SIR David Attenborough, he might add. But somehow we doubt he'll be reading this...

  • Inception clip! "You're gonna need a bigger gun.."
    Video Gallery
    Inception clip! "You're gonna need a bigger gun.."

    Inception is the name of a film that came out during the summer. It was generally pretty flaming excellent. It was also somewhat...

  • Article Autoplay 630x400
    FHM meets Sharlto Copley (Murdoch from The A-Team)

    We met Sharlto Copley the other day. He plays Murdoch in The A-Team. Murdoch is MENTAL. Sharlto Copley is… not mental. Sigh.

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