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    FHM shoots guns and fights people

    FHM is keen on new and exciting experiences, so when someone said we could fire guns, get schooled in CQC (that's close quarters combat, chaps)..

  • Katy B chats to FHM's Katy B
    Katy B chats to FHM's Katy B

    When the queen of UK Garage Katy B took a break last week from taking over the world, we made sure we were around to chat...

  • Robbie Savage launches Mars' Just Play scheme
    Robbie Savage launches Mars' Just Play scheme

    Hey you. Yeah, you. When was the last time you played football, eh? A while ago by the looks of things. But why did you stop playing? Did...

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    FHM interviews lyrical overlord Wretch 32

    Since featuring in this month's September issue of FHM, Wretch 32, one the UK's finest MCs, has gone from strength-to-strength.

  • FHM Movie Review: <i>The Change-Up</i>
    FHM Movie Review: The Change-Up

    FHM review new comedy from the makers of The Hangover that follows what happens when two best mates with very different lives swap bodies after taking a piss in a magical fountain...

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    Like Rocky? Watch Warrior

    Warrior is out tomorrow. It’s a bit like Rocky, but with Tom Hardy being all girlfriend-enticingly handsome rather than Sly Stallone being all slurry...

  • Ray Stevenson talks about DIY celibacy
    Ray Stevenson talks about DIY celibacy

    Since Kill The Irishman is coming out pretty soon, we thought we'd talk to painter decorator/Hollywood film star and all around cool guy..

  • We watched <i>Drive</i> and wrote a review
    Video Gallery
    We watched Drive and wrote a review

    2011’s coolest film. Stars: Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, and Christina Hendricks

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    Russell Brand REALLY doesn't trust horses

    You might think that Russell Brand is crazy, doing everything in his loquacious power to worm his way out of a sex-filled marriage to the lovely Jennifer...

  • HAWK EYE: Being a spy just got easy
    HAWK EYE: Being a spy just got easy

    Everyone loves power. That’s why we love remote controls, they give you power you can enjoy from the comfort of your sofa. Here at FHM HQ we also love...

  • When FHM met Erol Alkan
    When FHM met Erol Alkan

    He might sound like a wizard's owl, but Erol Alkan is in fact one of Britain’s finest DJ exports. But behind the decks...

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