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  •  <i>Red Faction: Armageddon</i> Review
    Red Faction: Armageddon Review

    The Red Faction series gained a new member recently with the release of Red Faction: Armageddon. But is it any good?

  • Things we’re excited about at E3: Part One
    Things we’re excited about at E3: Part One

    Every year, lots of new games are unveiled at E3. Here’s details on what we’re wetting our pants about this time around...

  • Article Autoplay 630x400
    The Devil’s Double — trailer

    As jobs go, body double of Saddam Hussein’s son ranks somewhere between Ryan Giggs' PR manager and SuBo’s personal lingerie shopper...

  • <i>FHM</i> teams up with Save Your Skin
    FHM teams up with Save Your Skin

    Men using sun beds are on the up - so we've teamed up with Save Your Skin to give you the chance to win some ringside boxing seats and fake tan...

  • <I>FHM</i> meets... Carl Barât
    FHM meets... Carl Barât

    Festival season is upon us! Wellies, mud and sweaty goings on in a cheap tent. Arguably the pinnacle of the summer, regardless of weather...

  • FHM (and Ian Woosnam) take on America at golf
    FHM (and Ian Woosnam) take on America at golf

    At 3.23pm on Monday the 4th of October 2010, FHM was sitting in this very office, nervously watching the small flat screen television above us...

  • <i>FHM</i> meets Dizzee Rascal
    FHM meets Dizzee Rascal

    This week we spoke to Dizzee Rascal, and he told us about what it's like going on tour, his plans for festival season and his 3 essentials...

  • Fancy being a racing driver?
    Video Gallery
    Fancy being a racing driver?

    Of course you do. Who in their right mind wouldn’t? There’s the women, the money, the exotic locations, oh yeah, and the fact...

  • Article Autoplay 630x400
    An exclusive look at X-Men: First Class

    Have you seen X-Men: First Class yet? It’s a winning formula, with January Jones, Emma Lawrence and turtlenecks abound...

  • TRAILER: <i>Mother's Day</i>
    Video Gallery
    TRAILER: Mother's Day

    We’re definitely not mummy's boys. Sure, we may occasionally take a bag of dirty laundry back...

  • Article Autoplay 630x400
    We have a new Transformers 3 clip

    We’re excited for Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. There are a few reasons. First, huge robots beating each other up is always entertaining...

  • Caspa's new song is about a taxi journey
    Video Gallery
    Caspa's new song is about a taxi journey

    We recently had a quick chat with a bloke called Caspa. Not the friendly ghost, but the former basketball player turned Dubstep producer...

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