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  • It’s a Restrepo clip

    Restrepo looks like a great film in the same way that Lebanon was a good film. Seems accurate. Seems real. Seems genuine. Restrepo will be...

  • Hmm, Buried looks a wee bit familiar

    Do you remember that final double episode of the fifth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Las Vegas that was called Grave Danger...

  • Chromeo and other things that aren’t French
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    Chromeo and other things that aren’t French

    Chromeo are a top dance pop DJ rave party act with some big hits and some even bigger boxes full of very expensive gadgets...

  • <I>EA MMA</i> preview
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    EA MMA preview

    What is it? Sports specialists EA’s attempt to deliver a body blow to THQ's UFC Undisputed series and their monopoly over the MMA...

  • Websites We Quite Like: Darts special
    Websites We Quite Like: Darts special

    Here's a question for you: Do you like darts? Yes? Good. You’ll love these sites. No? Well why did you click on this story? But anyway, you’ll still...

  • It’s a Manic Street Preachers video

    Welsh rocker dudes the Manic Street Preachers have just released their 10th album Postcards From A Young Man. It’s hilariously brilliant, full of...

  • <i>UFC 120</i> this weekend
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    UFC 120 this weekend

    The UFC is back in London this weekend for the first time in almost a year. Apparently there are 120 reasons...

    The Ghost review

    Roman Polanski has succeeded where so many others have failed in The Ghost, an adaptation of the novel by the best-selling author Robert...

  • TOP 5: Jonathan Higgs from Everything Everything
    TOP 5: Jonathan Higgs from Everything Everything

    Jonathan Higgs is the lead singer of the indie rock band Everything Everything who released their debut album Man Alive in August. So we gave...

  • <i>Hedonism in the Home</i>, by Jenny Éclair
    Hedonism in the Home, by Jenny Éclair

    Taken from A Hedonist’s Guide to Life. Jenny, stand-up comic and novelist, is 47, which is – unfortunately – closer to 60 than 30. These days...

  • INTERVIEW: Riz Ahmed

    Seen The Road To Guantanamo? Seen Shifty? Seen Four Lions? If not: do so immediately. They all star Riz Ahmed and they’re all excellent...

  • FHM meets Grandmaster Flash
    FHM meets Grandmaster Flash

    You curated the Rizla tent at Lovebox this year, is it exciting to see so many great artists playing music you helped to create? I admire all...

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