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  • It’s an interview with the band Glasvegas
    It’s an interview with the band Glasvegas

    There is a band from Scotland called Glasvegas, and they released their second album EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\ earlier this year...

  • Your tent wants to go to Benicassim 2011
    Your tent wants to go to Benicassim 2011

    Music festivals are great. We know this, you know this, everybody knows this. Tents definitely know this. Festivals are...

  • Lady Gaga says threesomes = good
    Video Gallery
    Lady Gaga says threesomes = good

    Do you feel a bit misled that we mentioned a threesome, when what we actually meant was a comedy sketch involving a threesome...

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    The Guillemots at The Great Escape

    Kicking off Festival Season in style this year was The Great Escape in Brighton. With over 300 acts across 30 different venues...

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    FHM meets Eric from True Blood

    As career changes go, it’s impressive. Bored after high school and looking for a challenge, Alexander Skarsgård signed up to the Swedish military...

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    Exclusive! Kid gets whipped in NEDs

    NEDs are the Scottish equivalent of chavs. It stands for non-educated delinquents. What does 'chav' stand for? We don't know....

  • Article Autoplay 630x400
    Horrible Bosses: Do you want to kill your boss?


  • Festival preview: Standon Calling
    Festival preview: Standon Calling

    Being just an hour’s drive from central London, an eclectic line-up of acts including Spiritualized, Battles and John Cooper Clarke...

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    There's a film called Screwed coming out

    See that bit right at the beginning where the soldier bloke is walking towards the camera looking all pensive like he’s contemplating the futility...

  • The new FHM Casino is made of win
    The new FHM Casino is made of win

    In Las Vegas, gambling is an enchanting experience laced with glitz and glamour, world-leading architecture, high-rolling gamblers...

  • We want your pictures of sunburn to go in FHM!
    We want your pictures of sunburn to go in FHM!

    Been really sunburned? Got evidence? Want to be in the magazine? Many a man has fallen foul of overconfidence on the first day...

  • <i>Scream 4</i> hits theatres on 15 April
    Video Gallery
    Scream 4 hits theatres on 15 April

    It’s been over ten years since we last shuffled into the cinema, shelled out for overpriced popcorn and a watery bucket of coke...

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