How to organise a killer stag do – an FHM guide

Posted by , 12 October 2011

Stag do fancy dress

Stag do fancy dress

Fancy dress might sound expensive, ridiculous and slightly humiliating, but THAT’S THE BLOODY BEAUTY OF IT, eh? It's an essential part of making sure your night is memorable, since garish costumes will stick in your memory even when you've had 16 drinks and tearfully chucked up on a sympathetic nurse.


Smurf fancy dress

Good – easy to find your mates if you get separated. The outfit is cheap and easy to get hold of, and it’s unlikely someone will squint at you and wonder what the hell you’re dressed as.

Bad – Blue paint will dribble from your body under even the mildest heat, and it’s a bitch to scrub off the next day. Plus, unless you want to go blonde and look like Smurfette, you’ll all look the same.


Joey Essex

Good – Fake tan! Tight T-shirts! Pearly white teeth! This one’s pretty easy to do. Besides, you’ve been looking a bit pale lately.

Bad – Apart from that fact you’ll be spouting ridiculous catchphrases and looking like one of the least aspirational cretins in the country, people might not ‘get’ the costume and think you’re just a bit of a nutter. Or a prick.


Herbert Family Guy

Good – If your hair is starting to get a bit grey or thinning at the back, then good news! That’s kind of the theme. Flour in your hair, trousers pulled up over your belly and lengthy conversations about the price of sugar in the 50s are all on the agenda. Plus, failing to hear someone in a loud nightclub is a great way to play the whole "I’m deaf, WHAT DID YOU SAY?" thing and get away with it.

Bad – Trying to chat someone up when she’s under the impression that even the mildest excitement will give you a heart attack is unlikely to end well.



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